Short Stories


I-am-waiting-for-you-onlyI had an inclination for writing and the arts since school. I had been a contributor and then editor of the school magazine “Rendezvous”, by the time I was in 8th grade I had completed “Arangetaram” (the program upon graduation of training in the Indian classical dance form Bharatnatyam) and was also an avid artist doing canvass painting. With this background, I was also an academic achiever; I ended up pursuing the Science like most others in India.

Delving into Chemistry, I enjoyed it but it did not move me. To do more I kept up with writing and painting and joined YUVA a NGO working with underprivileged children. The premise of this organization was to mobilize youth of India to contribute through giving their time for a few hours a week. It is here that I first became aware of the power of communication media. The work that I did and others do in enabling the downtrodden was greatly enabled through the communication approach, message and methods. This left and impact and I knew that is where I wanted to build a career. I have completed my masters in Mass Communication from University of Pune along with an MBA in broadcast journalism. Through this course I have developed skills in written, oral and multimedia expression

My collection of short stories is the wildest fantasies of my mind

Happy Reading

Death of Innocense

A Fateful Sunday

She chose to shine in the eternity

 “Go, Live for Me”

A Shadow on a Cloudy Day

Between you and I

For more stories: A book of short stories “COMING SOON”


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