Cross Culture Talks

Blogging is fun!! i started it back in 2010 and since then i have made some amazing and wonderful friends here on this blog. Also i came across many people who had wonderful stories and thought of sharing with all of you.  Of course it happens with their due permission. So this is dedicated to my dear blog friends who had some amazing story which they would love to share with all other cyber pals.

Story No#1 by Charlie

Blogger: Charlie

He has an amazing blog and you can follow his blog “CRAZY LIFE” on

This is what charlie has to say:

I´m a fucking hero and you´re a dummy

Some who know me say I´m too superficial. Maybe I am, I sometimes think that not having a goal in life could be much better than having one, because if you have a goal in life and you don´t reach it you´ll be disappointed, frustrated,deprived of sleep, nightmares,suffering from depression, pooping pills that you´ve popped up  first into your grimaced face. Just terrible. If you don´t have a goal then it´s impossible to be disappointed. So if I where a self help coach, which I am, but not certified, I would give the advice of not having any goals in mind therefore you´d

CharlieBelieve or not that´s me and one of the few pictures we managed to smuggle out of Afghanistan. They checked your bags up and down and down and up looking for recording devices or cameras. And that´s my 24 year old version of myself, the only picture I´ve posted of myself in uniform. It is quite hot I´ll tell  you that. I like my pose too, I should be in Vanity Fair.

So I went out last Thursday, my crazy ex-girlfriend still calling me after three weeks, about 5 times a day, it´s not that bad I had 99 calls in one day. You think you know what crazy is? You gotta meet this bitch.(Not recommendable) I have to turn the cell phone off unless I want to be doing the salsa dance because of the vibrations in my pants when it starts ringing, plus it get´s a little annoying to the people that are around me. So I go out and as usual all the students are out partying. I don´t know when they study really, they seem to go out every day of the week. No wonder we´re 27,2% unemployment. Fucking parasites.  So it got me thinking, almost everybody should do at least basic military training. Go back to the draft.
In comes in this girl with her boy friend, not in the intimate sense, just a friend. I know the bartender, so I was talking with him. He´s from Rumania, I think he´s in the Rumanian Mafia which there a lot in Spain. Not sure yet but I will ask him if he kills people for a living after pouring drinks to all these kids. I´m 30 now, actually I was a bit more crazier with their age, not that I´m not crazy right now I´m just a little less. Which actually is disappointing. My head all wrapped up on paying bills, how I get my car back from the pawn shop, getting a job that pays those bills, the chores I have to do at home while my mother is hiding away in the hospital with what I believe is fake cancer. I finally reached that conclusion, she´s doing all this to me, the taking care of the house, monster dogs with their monster shits and pisses, and my old man just for the kicks. To show me a lesson that being a housemaid is worst than being in the army. My back hurts, she´s actually making my chronic back pain even more chronic.
Now talking about the army, I don´t usually write shit about my experience but I will share a maybe-maybe not funny story. I start talking with this guy, who was with a girl. Just to feel my way as to what they where about, really I just wanted to fuck the girl, I am a hero and they always get the girl. The guy tells me they had just finished the exams on pharmacy, yep that´s what they study here, pharmacy. So I inmediately ask him for some prescription drugs, hardcore. He couldn´t give  them to me. He seemed like a nice guy, 21 and the girl 20. I don´t know how exactly, well I do, the bartender that I´ve know for roughly five years probably said something about the army and she overheard cause we were four steps apart. Nice girl by the way, TOO nice maybe. She asks me, “You´ve been in the army?”  I replied in affirmative. But I noticed she asked it with a voice of incredulity and her eyes as big ass plates looking to me with admiration. She did have already a couple of drinks on her so her tongue just went wild with the wind.
She started throwing at me questions like a machine gun spitting bullets. Where? Spanish Legion. “O really! your brave!” I shrug.I think is brave to study pharmacy. I wouldn´t trust myself with all those drugs around me.Although I´d sure be a happy camper! I´m still looking at this girl quite amazed.
To understand the context, this is a spoiled brat, most of them are. Spoiling the money that their parents are probably working their asses off to have their `kids´go to this perstigious university. My old friends, who where not born rich, bastards. They don´t  even have enough money to buy a damn car, nor do I right now but I have the gift of writing, I´m the new Shakespeare, they don´t even know that I blog. For them is gay. They do know I´ve been in the army and deployed and they don´t give a shit. Which is fine with me. But this girl seemed amazed, especially when she asked me if I had been in a war. I said no, because actually it was two wars in two different countries. The context is that in Spain if you get in the army specially the Legion you´re considered a fascist. I still remember the first week of basic training when they let us out one afternoon for a couple of hours out side the base, and they would tell us.
Sorry they don´t tell in the army they order you, to not wear any military type of outfit and to always go at least in pairs with the cell phone in hands reach  just in case. I thought in case of what? Coming from the U.S where everyone is so supportive of their soldiers and rightly so. But I soon figured it out, we go out of the base, hundreds of bald headed dudes and people around the city don´t like it. Then you have the communist kids who in more than one occasion would fight us. So that´s great. But I did have a steady job, which at the time I did enjoy the nutty things we would do, it was a challenge, and I had steady pay 863 Euros, which translates to about 900$. This girl at the bar keeps on going and I ain´t holding back, on some stuff yes but the majority of the answers no. You´ve been shot at? I thought damn, if the government says to the people that we are acting as peace keepers plus they ban
the media from coming with us, and honestly the public doesn´t give a shit which is fine with me, she wouldn´t be asking these questions. I said yes I´ve been shot at. Through all this, she´s going at every place in her pharmaceutical brain, talking about shooting people and God knows what else fucked up things.
(that´s not me, but guys from my unit, didn´t take this one from internet) Have you shot? Yes. Have you killed? Yes.Have you been injured? yes. Where? right forearm. It was just a bullet that grazed me, no biggy. I´ve seen worst. She keeps going on and on while, and here is why I in part kept myself in place like a fucking statue just responding to quick questions, she invites me to a total of six beers, half a litter each. So that´s why the next day I had out of my 20 euros when I left my parents house, I returned with 10. Didn´t pay for shit, because I´m the fucking HERO of all heroes. Didn´t quite understand her infatuation with all this stuff, I can talk about friends I know that my jaw dropped when I saw what they did. But this fucking girl…funny, I got a free night out and I got loaded thanks to this patriotic spoiled girl. HERO? you judge, or did I take advantage off the situation, probably yes if  I saw what was coming and let it go so she paid for all the drinks. I would like to end the story saying that I fucked her, but a hero doesn´t take advantage of that.
I don´t know what she wanted a `hero´ to look like, cause she actually used the word hero. Maybe I shoud´ve put on my Rambo custom, I still wear it in halloween. He´s my hero, just like me running around killing thousands on sight by myself. No help needed even if they wanted to help, I just would say ” I have it boys, let´s rock on roll aaaaaaaaa!”
I fail to see the `heroes´but I don´t fail to see brave young man doing things, incredible things at the risk of loosing their life for the guys they have trained and known for quite some time. Maybe the word should be `lovers´.

Story no#2 by Frizztext

He has a super informative blog named FLICKR COMMENTS, you all should go an have a look at it!!
here’s what FrizzText has to say:

National Day in Germany

Every year on October the third is the national reunion (East and West) day in Germany titled “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”: divided for 40 years the two states joined 1989 again – after the people of East Germany had made a series of street protests.

photos + photographers

National Day in Germany

by frizztext

Every year on October the third is the national reunion (East and West) day in Germany titled “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”: divided for 40 years the two states joined 1989 again – after the people of East Germany had made a series of street protests.

BERLIN on my mind a video by Frizztext on Flickr: slide show and guitar by myself, the band: my talented friend L. on Yamaha keyboards


2 – my Berlin photo gallery:

Maybe I’m allowed to mention, that my mother lived in East Germany – and me in the West. Four pictures below by frizztext:



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  1. This is amazing and very refreshing, I am in blog sphere for quite sometime and this one is kinda different, I am looking forward for more post about cross culture. And I am on it…

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