Unplug From The Noisy World


It’s true that your brain gets a hell lot confused when you travel too much in various time zones and do a tone of things in between, manage a lot of people, you have a tons of responsibility on your shoulder, you are trying to keep up to every commitment you made on this planet and be very responsive to everyone that needs you.

I am in that phase on my life when I am so tired doing so many things for everyone that at times it confuses me and I am unaware of my true purpose and also forget the difference between wrong and right and I lose the sense of time.

I had read it somewhere about the most harmful rays on this planet comes from our cellphone and I am a kind of person practically always available on cellphone and I kind of do every single thing from my phone. From my personal emails to work emails, calendars, alarm, grocery list, health status, stories and books, blogging, social media – you name it and I have everything on my phone. I change my phone every year as it’s all worn pout at the end of the year.

It never felt stressful or painful until off lately with this new job and a lot of emotional ups and downs that I feel it’s really wearing me out. I work for almost 12 hours a day and I cook daily – not because I am Indian and I have to – that’s a very wrong notion – mostly because I suffer from Chronic Urticaria – an autoimmune disease that is not a fan of my eating out – especially food with lot of preservatives and it shows it’s anger in a very bad way. I feel tired, I almost sleep on the wheel while driving back home and I have to either talk to someone on call or burst the music at full intensity to stay in senses.

Not to mention – I realized how addicted I was getting to social media and making my private life public for people to pick on it and be judgmental in the worst way. I actually had a few experiences kind of eye opener ones where I was able to see the true colors.

So I came up with a very good solution – DIGITAL DETOX 🙂

I disabled my Instagram account temporarily (Trust me I still dont have the heart to delete it completely mostly because a lot of memories shared there are just there and I have no other copy of it). Same applies to my facebook account and I will come to blog only once a day – may be in the evening and not visit it regularly.

I have been having a lot of anxiety and I had to cut it down somehow. The only medium open for me at the moment is email.

I plan on working on home improvements, watch some meaningful documentaries, take long walks and read good books. I have always loved full moon’s they are mystical and beautiful and I meditate on those days (you all should try – it really works)

I don’t promise to be here every day eventhough I have just returned to this blog after a very long break to save it from dying on me – will try my best 🙂

This is going to make my Spanish mother very happy and my Indian mother very sad haha!!

PS: those who follow me on social platforms – I dint block you :p I am just going off for sometime 🙂



Not Trying To Fix Anything

A lot of the days I come here, stare at my blog and press that cross without typing a word. Often sitting on my sofa, or the bed or anywhere I get thoughts and the urge to write them somewhere and then I come here and I cannot write a word.
That normally happens because something is aching, something is not right. Most mornings as I wake up, a large part of my heart longs to save the world, to heal hurts, to fix people where they are broken and most importantly that one person.
We are not here to fix each other.
We couldn’t.
We can’t.
I can’t. 
And more importantly, I shouldn’t. 
It isn’t for me to do.
But I’m not a cynic. I believe we are hard-wired to care for each other.
I can love you.
Maybe I’m too sensitive.
I am not a hero; I cannot fix you.
I am not strong; I cannot save you.
I am weak; I cannot melt the frozen, broken places in you.
I am insufficient; I cannot heal your pain.
But I have hope because I can do much more than that.
I can love you… 

Exceptional Place Of Worship In Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia is an exceptional place of worship, as much for its beginnings and foundation as for its ambition.

Five generations have already witnessed the temple’s rise in Barcelona. Construction continues today and could be finished in the first third of the 21st century.
Antoni Gaudí, one of the most famous figures of Catalan culture and world architecture, spent over 40 years designing the Temple of the Sagrada Familia.

Man of faith, observer of nature and great architect, Antoni Gaudí has become a universal figure of modern architecture. His contribution to the discipline was a break from the established order, as much in form as for the structure and constructive solutions found in his buildings, a result of his own, unique and unprecedented methodology.

PS: All images are posted full size for proper viewing 

Not Giving Up – A Poem

The greatest love stories have always been platonic, that is why they are upheld as perfect examples of true love.

Love is affection for the object of our sentiments.  If we love someone who reciprocates our feelings and it turns to physical intimacy, we are the luckiest people ever. But loving someone with emotional intimacy, even without any physical intimacy is even more beautiful in my opinion.


You sit there, watching everyone else pass by,

You listen to their stories and feel the lack of having one,

You move in that corner with a big sofa,

You watch tv wanting to be alone,

You start seeing everything black and white,

You start to “not care” or at least make her feel so

You say you can’t-do everything by yourself,

And you watch the people pass by,

You are still wanting someone to care about you,

I stop in front of you,

I annoy the hell out of you with all things I want for you,

I tell you I care for you,

You don’t have to do things alone,

There is still hope for you,

Whatever you think,

Whatever you do,

You have given up on yourself,

But I won’t ever give up on you.




I have my little family here who keeps me coming back to this blog even after my thousand thoughts of shutting this blog down.

In past few years, a lot of them have become more than just blogging buddies and they mean more to me than my best friends. When I need to talk to someone, the names that come to my mind are Blanca, Zee, Trent, Erica, Charly, V pub…. and indeed they all are an integral part of my life. In 2015 I got to meet Erica here in Dallas and she was the first person from this space that I met. What a day it was 🙂 Still is fresh as a bud and brings a smile on my face. We talked and talked and shared our lives.


Last week I got to meet Charly and Blanca and the rest of the gorgeous family. We go back a very long time – I don’t even remember how long but this family is my very own forever. I and Charly go back even further and have shared a lot of things including happy and sad moments.  We talk, we fight and we grow! They are my family which I am very proud of. I stayed at Charly’s place for 4 days and hijacked his room in the process. We had been waiting for this moment forever and I left the house in tears. They are so beautiful – All of them even Tina the dog! I am going to be sad for a lot of coming days thinking about them and how I wish to be back there. Blanca calls me her adopted daughter and after this trip and I am considering changing my surname 😉

Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’ ‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.

E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Me and my mom ( Blanca) – Seville, Spain
Me, Tina and Charly – The Saraqueta Residence (most beautiful house on this planet) – Madrid, Spain

Meeting all these people make me realize how lucky I am to have you all in my life.

Tina says “hi”

Next – to meet: Trent trent trent 😉 He is my inspiration 🙂 And I cant wait to meet him sometime soon! 

Wishlist – Zarfasheen 😌😌🙄 ( almost everyone here knows what Zee and I are to each other and together). We even got to be in newspapers for our proud friendship.

ps: writing from phone (on the way back home from Spain) so ignore the typos please!

How Can I Kill WordPress

I have been having this issue where I cannot comment or like anyone elses blog. No one. I tried searching for the issue online and it looks like wordpress has not been able to figure it out yet!

Anyone out on this blogosphere with similar issue in past or any solutions? Its really making me mad 😦 😦 

From Within

I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. I’ve hated and I’ve loved. I’ve seen my demons root and crawl and my angels branch and soar. I’ve died within myself and lived a thousand different lives. I too had to fight the same war and I too drowned in the puddles of self-consciousness this world created.

But then: Belief Begins From Within