Keep regrets away from LOVE

To be in love is always beautiful and the more you go deeper the more you start loving your life. It gives you a sense of attachment to someone. You start believing that there is someone on this earth who is living life for you and is hoping that one day you would have a world of your own together. Life is always too monotonous when you do not have anyone to share your thoughts with and once you share it you feel relaxed. This is a human nature, however strong you are you would always love to be with someone and you would love it when someone cares for you. The beginning is always great and it would be good only if it remains great throughout. Most of the relations fail to take a good shape because in this process of loving and moving ahead the true meaning of love is lost somewhere amidst the confusions of this world. After sometime bounded with several thoughts and not knowing your true inner feelings you would start compromising and forget that where there is love…there is no compromise but only understanding and sacrifices. Sacrifices when made in love are indeed very beautiful. You won’t regret making them as in the end you know that you have done it for someone, to make that someone smile. That smile has the power to confiscate the pain of the sacrifice done.

The world has become so damn confusing that people have actually started forgetting “how to be happy”. Happiness might be at their doorsteps but too away from them. They do not have that insight to recognize it. There are crore’s of people living in other part of the world who got married just because they loved each other and they have a beautiful relationship based on their love as the roots to their healthy and happy home. It’s high time that people start understanding the true meaning of getting together. Love has the power to eradicate the minutest of problems. The positive energy of love can take your dreams on a next level. When you love someone you are ready to do anything for that person and that determination would make your world beautiful.

Have you ever thought of that girl in love spending each and every day in confusion due to this stupid tradition of the world. The worst part is that even the partner you fancy is not supporting you…..when a girl talks about support all she needs it is morally. Do you know a fact about love?? Science behind love? When in love 55% gestures are communicated through body language, 38% is through the voice and only 7% is what by we speak. Guys if your gal is like really really down and depressed do make an effort to know what’s bothering her. Such small problems can take a bad shape in future when ignored…..she would develop a notion for you that you are not concerned with her problems. A little love and care when shown can do magical wonders. All she needs is attention. This works best for the long distance relations. If you know you are happy with her than just go for it. Your small mistakes can create lifetime regrets.

why regret in love?? you should never regret for the things you yourself have opted for!!


9 thoughts on “Keep regrets away from LOVE

  1. Thanks for visiting my site – good luck with yours! I couldn’t find a page explaining about you and your blog though! Do you have a page saying who you are? If not you should add one! Have a wonderful new year 🙂

  2. Absolutely true! Those who have fallen in love many times would find falling in love the umpteenth time is just as wonderul as it is the first time.. 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Subhan Zein

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