Beyond the Boundaries

Some sun andvitamin sea

“Beyond the Boundaries” is my much awaited upcoming book that i wrote with “the girl i found here on wordpress”, with whom i connect like a soul sister, who is much younger but on the same page, who seeks global peace as i do and who belongs to country most hated by my country. Through this book we wish to set an example of pure friendship, beyond borders and artificial boundaries, a kind that is pure and dwells in every one of us if we wish to share it with someone across the comfort zone.


Friendship between Kruti and I is nothing short of a magical and whirlwind of fateful events that brought us closer together and made us stick through thick and thin. I was just another blogger in a pot of million others in a desperate need of expression and Kruti was one person who made me realize that I have ability to do things, write stuff that I never thought I could. She made me feel special. We started to talk on instant messaging soon enough and a bond we share has a stamp of its own. Calling each other indecent, cursing, presenting crazy ideas and what not that both of us were ready to implement at any second was a testament to how similar we were (or the kind of craziness we shared.) We would always make fun about the rift between India and Pakistan and how it is blown out of the proportions for no good reason. We always speculated of what will happen if we ever get caught and the ever famous torture techniques would make us laugh and shiver at the same time. Between all this goofing around an idea took its roots that what if we were to write a collaborative book. Kruti believed in this idea wholeheartedly and got us both on board. Throughout its making once in a while one of us would be taken with doubts that whether this book will see the light of the day and one would assure the other that It will happen. It’s meant to be. After all there is a reason two of us met; we are supposed to make it worthwhile.
Something that can make a difference and to serve as a bridge between India and Pakistan – Zarfasheen Zia, Co-Author, Beyond the Boundaries

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