This page is completely dedicated to “SWEETU”……Sweetu is my pet…..she is 8 years (currently 14 as of 28 January 2014) old right now and we had got her in to our house when she was 2 months old…….she is the best thing in my life and i truely madly deeply love her……..She has this magic in her to swap our moods with her cute gestures…..It would be wrong for me to say that she is a dog…..”coz she is almost like a human…..she communicates….she gets angry…she jumps around when she is happy etc…the only thing which she cant do is ‘speaking’…sad….but that’s the law of nature…….

3 months old

that’s sweetu when she was i guess 3 months old……..

I would like to share some of her special moments… Sweetu is a SPITZ POMERIAN

This is one of her favourite way to sleep....She needs her pillow while sleeping.
She always need a pillow while sleeping……looks cute na???
Like us she loves coffee……..We specially get her coffee from outside which she would lick till the end…
Sleeping on the floor?? a big no no…she needs as bed to sleep on 🙂
shez my sister…my younger sister 🙂 )
She loves Swings!!!!
She loves getting ready……….. Whenever we take out something to dress her she would come jumping to us.
her birthday is celebrated every year which comes on 11 sept. Currently she is 8 complete 9 running.
friends become a part of this celebration.

46 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT MY ANGEL

  1. Oh, how adorable! What a beautiful fur-baby! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome photos. (My ‘fur-baby’ Annie, is now 17 years old – she is a black poodle/terrier mix, weighs about 3 pounds, and I adore her!) Delightful pictures! ~ Julie 🙂

      1. I inherited Annie from my youngest brother when he passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2007. Andy (my brother) had raised Annie and they’d been together forever, so we were concerned that she might not make it at all – but she attached herself to me, and I’ve had her since then. I almost lost Annie last year to a horrible infection – the vet had to remove one of her eyes and all of her teeth; so she is now my one-eyed, toothless little ragamuffin girl. But she’s a toughie and a survivor (like me); and I’m grateful for every day that I have with her. 🙂

  2. ohhhh…………. No wonder how they look….this creatures of god are always beautiful……..they are truly our best friends :)……. I am glad you are taking such a good care of her……and your love and affection would surely be a blessing for her…thanx 🙂

  3. Oh, she is so adorable, Kaytee! I know how you feel when you say she’s almost human. Our dog passed away last November; we had her for 9 years and she would be 11 this month. She was our baby, too, and almost human, as well. We’ll be looking for a new canine companion in the next month or so…enjoy Sweetu! Hugs to you and your new blog photo is beautiful, too.

  4. Oh my Sweetu is so cute..Hugs to sweetu that pic with sweetu n coffee is so cute and funny ….yup they need more things than us..
    I had a pet Kutkut he is not more….
    i know how close to heart these litttle angels can be 🙂

  5. I’m so glad I linked to this page. I love her. We had a rescue American Eskimo who looked so much like her…they were bred from the Spitz. We lost her after only 5 yrs. The rescue guess that she was about 3-5 yrs old, the vet said more like 15 when she died. They are angels.

  6. I understood your feeling for the dog when I met this cute dog on our small weekend outing in a resort. I think it was a breed of Labrador or something around 13 months age.. She was so damn cute.. Had fun with her for like 3 days and when we were leaving I just couldn’t say good bye to her.. I have promised her to visit again but I still miss her everyday.. 😦

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