Wish List.

Just a thought..
Girls, making fun of your looks and being told you look nothing compared to any other damn girl on street is ONLY acceptable when a guy is just a friend…
A guy who loves you would NEVER make you feel ANY LESS ATTRACTIVE than the most gorgeous woman on earth!
Your Soul Mate would never check out other girls or make fun of your appearance. You would be his Princess nd he’ll make sure the world respects you.


8 thoughts on “Wish List.

  1. A real friend would never make fun of your looks. They might give you polite fashion advice but to mock you and degrade you is unacceptable! If anyone is treating you like you are inferior they are not your friend and should certainly not be your lover.

  2. A real friend will make fun of your looks Mr. Blye, that´s what friends are for to laugh with them, laugh at them all in good way.
    About the girl thing, yep rule number one is if you don´t want to piss your girlfriend off is to assent with your head every time she tries to argue with you, because they will argue just for the sake of arguing, or better said just to test you and the relationship so better go along.
    And yep, never ever mention in front of her that other girl is nice, not even in the sense of being nice person forget about the looks part, but funny how they are allowed to make some comments on some hot guy they see on t.v or the street. AAAaaaaa, woman.

  3. people show how they feel about themselves when they lash out–not you. 🙂 I am sometimes those people–not being perfect–and I sometimes you. (not as related to criticizing a person’s appearance, per se, you understand)

    But I know better! I always try to do better.

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