5 thoughts on “Remembering BLUE

  1. Hi Kruti! I’m saddened about your pet. Truth is, never, ever change the gravel. That’s where the bacteria live that breaks down the ammonia in the water. 10-20% weekly water changes are all that are needed. Also, these fish are from southeast Asia and prefer water temperatures in the low 80’s.

    1. It was below 80 I am sure and I dint change the gravels, I added them. It was a new fish. I transferred it from its plastic store container to the bigger house i made for it 😦

  2. Oh, my, I am sorry about your loss, Kruti! It doesn’t matter how big or small a being is or how long we know it. Because as you said, it is a soul and that is what we connected with. Those fish are very very fragile and you did your best. As sad as it is but it can happen. I had fish too when I was about 10. They had babies and we needed to separate them quickly from the grown-ups in order that they aren’t eaten by them. We collected them in a little tank inside the big tank and we used to adjust that little tank under the rim. Once I added water but I added too much and did not notice that the little tank got below the surface and the little fish escaped. I only found the empty tank and no baby fish anywhere. I felt so very guilty. I know, I did not mean it but it happened and so I understand your sadness very well, dear!

  3. Poor Blue! I know it is sad when our aquatic pals leave us. I was very attached to certain fish in our tropical tank, and when it was their time, I must admit to shedding a tear!

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