Chapter 2 – Au revoir New York

She worked for a library around the corner. She was the bookkeeper, and she loved her job. She met a lot of strange, interesting, funny, and witty people on their way to read something. Not a single familiar face in two years. The strangest part was that she had forgotten all about her life before the accident. She could remember things in bits and pieces; things that felt more like imaginations from stories Pa told her.

She used to sit for hours trying and remembering Meghan. She didn’t even know which hospital Meghan was admitted to. Pa never allowed any information flow towards her. Meghan was more like a ghost to her. She had some friends; like just a handful of them that she met in these two years. She would often hang out at PB’s bar; often alone and then once in a while would just bump into some random guy to escape her boring reality.

She remembers the exact time when those strange dreams started. It was right after some loud music, strokes of paint brush and bathroom sex. It was pretty intense. She was a beautiful woman standing tall at 5’8 with big blue eyes and slim figure. She had a mole right above her lip, and that made her smile the best in the world. It was not hard for Natasha to please guys, she was natural.

His name was Alex Lennox, and he was known for his paintings, sculptures, and prints and was represented by numerous galleries internationally.

He had just finished working on a painting and was headed out to meet his girlfriend, Riley. He often stayed so immersed and busy in work that Riley often complained about his disappearance and that day he decided to surprise her by taking her for dinner at 65 E. 55th St., the most expensive restaurant in New York know for its Scandinavian cuisine.  Much to his own surprise, he found Riley in bed with someone else. Riley totally forgot about that hidden key under the carpet that Alex used to sneak in and surprise her.

With a hard face, he stormed out of Riley’s Apartment, not to mention even few bitter words from Riley on how he never had time for her and he she wanted to break-up since a month now. He saw PB’s around the corner and decided to swallow his grief with some whiskey on the rocks. While he had his glass, gulping his sorrow, controlling his anger towards Riley; he saw Natasha in another corner looking equally sad. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. She was staring at her Martini glass while listening to “Let her go” in the background. Alex could see questions all around her face.

He signaled the waiter to send her another glass with a cherry on the top. When the server reached her, she was surprised

“I am fine, plus I never ordered this”

“It’s from hay gentleman across the table mam.”

Natasha looked at Alex in the corner, winking at her. She approached him boldly with the new glass and gave it back to him.

“Well, I am not interested.”

“It’s ok; I just felt you needed one more.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You see, we have some similarities.”

“And what is that?”

“We are equally sad” Natasha laughed a little and sat on his table. They started talking about New York, and he was telling her all about his work nd how Riley ditched him.

“I fell sad for Riley; painters are my best bet” Natasha liked him.

He charmed her with his jokes and his paint brush, and when he started telling his tale, Natasha got immersed in it. He had a Picasso charm to himself. Being an average looking guy with torn jeans and a blue shirt with some permanent color stains on his hands, he was nowhere in Natasha’s league, but something in him evoked her. He even offered to paint Natasha

“You are a muse material,” he told her. I need to paint you to throw you out of my head

“I accept the offer, ” and it soon followed with kisses at first and some hot romance on the dirty bathroom floors later.

While making out with him, Natasha went blur again

Je me faux pas Vivre sans toi 


The words were echoing in her ears. And then the loud music was back again.



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