Au revoir New York

Hello everyone, Are you all wondering what this title all about? Thats the name of my new book or story (If i finish it) So while I have had a long writer’s block, I have decided to overcome it by writing a story I have in mind in chapters. I will post a chapter here every now and then, and I would love to get you feedbacks. So I am waiting for you all to read it 🙂 – xoxo


There was the golden sky with the sun setting on the horizon as its golden rays spread across the water like a blanket. He touched face delicately and kissed her on the cheek while she kept staring at the horizon

“This is beautiful.”

“Just like you” He replied

And she woke up, looked around zombified for a second. The surroundings looked alien while she was still immersed in her dream state. Slowly everything started making sense. It was her room, the pink walls and her favorite dolly box lying in one corner. She looked at the painting across the bed; a beautiful waterfall and she stared at it for a brief moment. Painting always attracted her; she loved them for the thought of looking at some real place on the earth painted by someone.

“Natasha” she heard her father knocking on her door. She was still in her bed, the sheets were crumbled, and the bottle of water on the side had been tossed off to the corner of the bed. The mirror on the side caught her attention. She could see her shorts and a pink star wars t-shirt thrown on the floor. She remembered wearing them the last night she went to bed. She looked at herself in the mirror, and it was a pink satin nightdress.

“Really? When did I bloody change?” She was frustrated. She had been having the same dream again and again for some time now. She had been waking up with a strong urge of knowing the man from her dream and that urge was getting stronger every time she woke up.

“Tu es belle” the words keeping ringing in her ears. She could hear them loud and clear.

“Natasha, are you up?” she heard her father knock one more time.

“Yes pa, come in.”

Her face looked tired though she had just woke up. She had that look of frustration in her eyes.

“What does “Tu es belle” mean Pa,” She asked her father who looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“I think so.”

“Where did you hear that?” He asked curiously

“I don’t know; I just picked it in my sleep.”

He gave her a look of concern and then ask her if she was taking her medication properly. A year ago, Natasha had a bad accident. She was out for the concert and it was 1 Am when she was returning home with Meghan in her beetle when someone hit them from behind, and the car was completely overturned. Her father had to get her a new car, and since then Meghan was in a comma. Natasha was never allowed to visit her. Doctors had advised against it as it would have caused a traumatic effect on Natasha. Though she was walking, she had a traumatic brain injury. Till the day she could not remember how they crashed or who was it that crashed their car. She woke up in the hospital with her Pa overlooking her face. She could not remember anything and all she knew about that night were the stories that her Pa told her.

Mr. Masters, Natasha’s father checked the bottle of the medicine lying on the counter next to her. It was half empty; meaning she was indeed taking her medicines.

Things were fine for two years after the accident and Natasha had been staying with her dad, recovering under his care. She had spoken to him a lot about moving back to her apartment which had been locked from past two years, but Mr. Masters was always reluctant about it. It was six months back that this flashes of a man had started in her dream. Mr. Masters called it an illusion of Natasha’s mind.

“You are watching too many movies” he would tease her often, but Natasha always felt a strong connection to the man in her dreams.

To be continued…



13 thoughts on “Au revoir New York

      1. Believe me I will. I do know how you usually write, and you are great a describing emotions, you really got a talent for that, but a story is a story if you know what I mean, and I just put that thing in the savings part of my computer and I will take it a look later on, it’s almost 2 a.m here.

      2. Hello beautifl, yo hot babe….no that is not me,do you think as most girls I say stupid things? Yet they still have sexual relations with me….women are weird. wink wink, kidding, love ya and keep out the writers block, I know you are a bussy women but you truly have a talent for writing and painting, so are like Picasso, but eve better than that dude…….man o man did I said a lot, well I figured you will forgot
        Stay with the writing is real good

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