Why Me Quest 

I’m so excited to announce our project this summer, The “WhyMeQuest”!!! This is a personal project that my friends and I have initiated.

What is it about? Well, Life is a book that has chapters – some good, some bad. “Whymequest” is one such platform where one can unveil those chapters of life because after all this world isn’t made of atoms, but million of stories stringed together to make us whole.

The idea is to encourage people to share their stories – stories of struggle and success. Sharing is the first step to moving on. Unless you talk about it, let it out and share; you will always remain stuck. By sharing half the battle is won if you ask us. This is what Whymequest is about: To pave a way for people who need that extra push to move ahead or a little bit of inspiration or a tad bit of wisdom.
This is your opportunity to inspire others with your story or if you feel like something is bothering you that you need help with. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD BY LIKING AND SHARING OUR PAGE!
Life itself is a story, so what does yours say?
(Everyone is free to share their stories.anonymously or with their names at “stories@whymequest.com” or you can personally email me at kruti.mehta87@gmail.com or feel free to inbox me for any queries! )


10 thoughts on “Why Me Quest 

      1. In one of my mid level flights towards heaven, God saw me and said, “what the fuck? You again? Get back down and finish the job.”
        True story, HE was mad

  1. Great thing and congratulations on the site, Kruti! A wonderful way to encourage others to share what burdens them and already in seeing that they are not the only one can be so encouraging that they can rise over their problem!

      1. There is nothing bothering me… actually life has never been better. But other than that I always incorporate examples of my life for a better understand into my Monday posts. So, if you think something would help feel free to reblog Kruti!

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