9 thoughts on “Live like “INSTAGRAM”- NO

  1. “Instagram is imperatively filled with half-truths and optimizations of life, yet we still use it to gauge our own.” I think that the same can be said of facebook. A fantasy world where nothing is wrong!

      1. I´m 15 years old and I disagree with your conversation. My Selffies and Instagram I have put on is me, all muscles, …I´m a stud, so why shouldn´t show off by beautiful body? You guys are old and un-cool.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you. Today, people go over the top with sharing every little thing on Instagram and I am glad that I have not joined, despite several requests. I don’t intend to. The truth is we seek approval from everyone that often hinges on dangerous slope.

  3. Hey kruthi.. After a long time . well what you said is a hard truth . 99% of the photos u see in insta is significantly edited and teenagers these days perceive them as if that’s how they appear to be in real life all the time..
    Yeah what you see is not always what u get..

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