Two sides of me


There is a demon that hovers about me, his thin and tattered robe trailing darkly behind me.  He is gaunt and black, with a purplish hue to his face.   At times he can appear quite beautiful.  Mostly, he is hideous.  He tries to hurt me.  On the pommel of his dagger is the visage of one that I brought into this world.

His attacks hurt me.  But he is dissatisfied.  He has never gotten what he really wants.  He thinks that if he can just hurt me enough, he will get it.  So he increases the attacks.  And I bleed.

He does not understand.  He does not know what I know.  He will never get what he wants, no matter the spatter and gore.  He cannot break me from my veracity.  He cannot eat my heart, though he may tear it from my chest, as he has done, and will likely do again.  If he forces me from this life, I will go undefeated to my better place.

I just wish he would go away.

“Go Away; Loneliness. I don’t need you tonight.”


27 thoughts on “Two sides of me

  1. Very nice. I like the woman in this picture better than the last, but the deer, stag, is wonderful. I also like the blue background to make it stand out. It’s a good composition.

    The prose-poem (is that an oxymoron?) is also well very done. You did a great job capturing it. Sometimes being lonely -does- feel like that. I hope that demon doesn’t torment you too much. I’m sure moving to a new country can be difficult.

    1. thanx trent! the last pic women was drawn inspired from my own photo image :p :p this is pure fanatsy haha may be thats why :p !! About moving to a new country – trsut me its crappy!! no one shuld leave their country :/ no one!!

      1. No, that’s not the reason 🙂 I think it’s because this is a profile and was easier to draw. Play around with more self-portraits. You are always a willing model 😉
        I’m sorry you’re having such a bad time. I hope it gets better.

      2. Although I was being honest in my assessment, I hope by your “Haha” that you realize the light-hearted manner in which I posted this, i.e., I’m not some strange guy trying to pick you up. OK, maybe the strange guy part is right, but I am harmless 🙂

      3. Again “haha” and yes i dont mind oh come on i am not a ki d of girl who thinks every other guy is trying to pick :p even if you werent harmless you are my wordpress buddy and i totally love my wordpress buddies 🙂 coz i can be honest with them and hey thanx for the compliment *m blushing* 🙂

      4. A bit after I posted about how pretty your model is (and she is) I read a post from a female blogger who had just had some guy say and do something very inappropriate. My first though was, “oh oh, I’m sure Kruti doesn’t think I’m some online creep, but…” 🙂 I do love my wordpress buddies too, that’s why I had to make sure… 🙂 You are welcome. Being 100% honest, I don’t care what my blogging buddies look like – I don’t even know what Zee looks like! – but that complement was just being honest. 🙂

      5. We both are freakingly pretty 😉 super hot girls! Haha well you should know how zee looks – just google “author kruti mehta DNA India” and see her snap with mine in newspaper 😉

      6. I found a few articles about the two of you and I saw your picture, but I didn’t see her picture. The longest article, which I think is the one you meant, DNA Syndication, didn’t have any pictures.

      1. writing does help me… have you moved here for good? Houston? I lived in Texas for awhile at an army base, my oldest daughter was born there. Texas is my idea of no place! 🙂

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