Why i write…


Last days in India

When I first started writing, it was out of pure love for the craft. How could it not be? I was a child. I had very few things to worry about – other than moving around. Writing allowed me to entertain myself, but it went much further than that. Writing also allowed me to explore friendship in fantasies I created, and since I created them, they didn’t have to go away, and for that reason, I was perfectly content living in a fantasy world for a very long time.

It wasn’t until I had made some wrong decisions that I realized that writing was my only coping mechanism. Writing was my way of living, and I wanted to spend my life writing. By choosing this path, I hoped to help and inspire others – especially young people. Through writing, I wanted to show it was possible to follow the dream despite difficulties. In fact, I wanted to prove it.

Those are still my goals today, but – of course – life is very different now that I’m 26. I struggle to pay the bills. I cannot afford to buy a new car. And I’ve spent a good amount of time worrying about the things that were not that important. I used to be ashamed of my situation, but then, I began journaling again, and I found comfort in exploring my frustrations in words that no one but me had to see. Now, it is not as hard to be open with others about my life. Writing allows me to be honest. It brings me the strength to continue forward, and it both comforts the bad days and energizes the good ones. Writing becomes my motivation, and that motivation has brought me to marvelous places with magnificent people.

I’ve been able to meet dozens of authors, hundreds of readers, and even more people I would’ve never been able to connect with before pursuing publication. I have spoken with you, laughed with you, and created with you. Sharing my own creations has stretched my happiness beyond what I could’ve done by myself because it was in that sharing where I found confidence – a content place in my heart where I continue to explore the possibilities of writing.

I don’t live a lavish lifestyle or even anything close, but I live my life to the best of my ability, and I continue to love writing no matter the hardships I face because my readers, fellow writers, and love for words motivates me. No matter how much I struggle, there is always peace in pursuing a passion.



24 thoughts on “Why i write…

      1. I don’t know if I can understand you better than others. But I know that there is a lot going through that pretty head and heart of yours, dear. You are someone who wants to understand and that confuses… But I am the same!

  1. Kruti, and I hope and pray you will continue to share your selfless genuine heart in all you share. I always delight in what you write my sister. I have been ill for a while but am recovering now. So I have not visited many of our brothers and sisters because of that. But of late I am able to once again. You have always been important to me since we met and I will always continue to wrap you in many prayers. Many love you, and that love is genuine because it is shared without asking anything in return…a strong spiritual love…for is not God love! Wonderful words and message K! May your day be beautifully blessed!

    1. Hey wendell! Thank you so much! Ur messages have always brought around that happy smile on my face and i am glad that i found you here on wordpress 🙂 you are pure and selfless and i am grateful for such a brother with me

  2. It is great that you do have a release in writing and that you can carry it beyond that. Your writing is very good and you do a great job in sharing your inner journey. It’s not easy to express yourself, particularly when it is that personal, but you do a great job. Keep writing!

    I agree that through writing/blogging a whole world of wonderful people has been opened up to me as well.

    There is a great peace in perusing your passions. May you find many hours of peace in passion in your writing 🙂

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