21 thoughts on “A question to ponder

  1. We change constantly. We develop constantly. We all have a different path in our life to walk. I believe that some people are meant to stick together for a lifetime. I also believe that some are meant for a part of that lifetime, for particular situations or chapters in life. I don’t think that either one is more right or more wrong. It is life and each relationship holds its lessons. Every relationship is as unique as the people in it. No, I don’t think we are there yet. I also don’t think it is something that is supposed to be. At least not yet…

  2. Great blog! I don’t agree everybody sticks for king size life or the meaning of king size is relates only with money. And of course this huge supple wasting our time, while you are thinking which shampoo to try now and which tea to drink.
    You know, i remembered few weeks ago i was on holiday and went to buy some souvenirs. I was choosing just a simple magnet, i did that maybe 40 minutes! And i asked dealer, can he imagine how i am choosing a man for my life 🙂 You can always find answers how, but how to do this in reality i am still thinking 🙂

    1. Ahhhhh u reminded me of souveniers! I collect the penny ones from machine and last week when i was in canada at CN tower i dint had canadian dollars and the cashier was not ready to give me the change for US dollars, i spent above hour searching a solution and finally exchanged dollars with tourist and moved out with a penny from machine 😄😄😄😄

  3. You talked about we have so many options in life and then tied all that to being with a person for eternity, until death does you apart and all that kind of thing. I got a though, he he…..

    Options, you named coffe options, tea options, food, restaurants, cars, e.t.c. Well you do have all those options if you have “Green” as in $$$$$. So a great part of the population don´t really have all those many options really.

    About the finding that someone for the rest of your life, did you smoke something? Maybe you find someone mayb not. Normally is a not, but who knows. People are people, they come and go, they may return, or not return. And that Kruti is life. So I figured out quite some time ago, that since life is like that and as much as I wanted to change it, it seemed I can´t change people , things, humanity and the world to fit my own expectations, then I figured I better learn how to opérate in a unfair life.
    Just sayin.

  4. This is so true, Reminded of that “confession of a shopaholic movie”. I guess the reason why we have indulged ourselves in such a sad state of human luxury (and we even let it measure our self worth sometimes), is because we have lost the bigger picture and essence of life at it’s purest. In this world filled with i-macs, i-pads so many “I’s” but not enough “We’s”…

  5. My obsession is with Books…I have thousands of books… I sell books online, buy books everywhere, collect certain genre , books with intrinsic beauty, red ones, blue ones…big, small…fiction, non-fiction…. anything to do with books, or computers and all that stuff, PAPER. When I was a little girl I just loved the stationary section of stores… those brown composition type notebooks. Yeah, I was weird…still am! 🙂

  6. Very well assessed and analysed, Kruti. There are too much on the market today that brand loyalty and stable relationship has gone for a toss. Though the more the merrier, it’s the effect of overt commercialization to attack the human psyche.

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