And it’s the time for Kruti’s Prompts

Coming to US, the most exciting thing that has happened to me is the meetup groups πŸ™‚ I joined few groups (ofcourse all pertaining to writing and book clubs) and then i thought of starting one by myself and i did.

So the name of my group is CREATIVE CIRCLE – Book Clubs and Games, and till now almost 56 people have joined it. It’s so much fun meeting all of them and talking to them. My first meet up was at Starbucks and the agenda was to to introduce each other. That went well and second one was at a vintage cafe where i hosted a book exchange. everyone had to bring one book that they had finished reading and something in it inspired them and they had to pass that book to someone else int he group and in return they got a book from someone in the same way.

I was so happy to receive a photocopied manuscript from a girl name jeanette about a book that she has not yet printed. All of us know how important our books are for us and to give someone a chance to read that before the actual publishing thing is just wonderful. I got one more book “Sharp Objects” from my wonderful friend Jean and i am in the process of reading them.

We played a lot many games and one of them was PHOTO PROMPT. I had few images printed out and everyone picked an image and then they had to write either a story, or an incident, or a poem based on that picture. More like anything they imagined looking at that picture and everyone loved it. Second was a dialogue promt. I gave everyone a dialogue and they had to include it or write something base don it. So so so i thought why not play the same game with all of you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So here are your prompts:

1) You are in Prison and your friend is visiting you – What would be the conversation?

2) You just bought a lottery ticket for a friend as she requested you and then she won one million dollars and now you want half of it but she is your best friend. Describe how would you go around with it?

3)It would only be a fling – she wasn’t about to break up the happy home

4)He didn’t understand what he’d done to her, but he would by the time she was finished

5)Your main character is a foolish 43 year-old woman. The story begins in a remote cottage. Someone is badly injured in a car crash. It’s a story about survival. Your character offers to lend a helping hand.

6)As the justification for his crime, a rapist says: “I could never get a girl like her normally.” Write your personal reaction to his statement, then write his story.

And then here are few picture prompts:

Picture Prompt One
Picture Prompt Two
Picture Prompt Three
Picture Prompt Four
Picture Prompt Five

The rules are very simple:

Pick either pro’s or picture prompt

Back-link this post and also put the link to your answers in Β the comment section.

If you participate in the picture prompt, you can copy the image from here and use it on your blog.

Yay!!! I am looking forward to all of yours answers and what all you can come up with πŸ™‚

love you all and keep blogging



51 thoughts on “And it’s the time for Kruti’s Prompts

      1. Kruti, I am sorry, I can’t. I even take a time out from blogging for the following two weeks. I simply have no time. I am really sorry. But I am sure this will not only last two or three weeks, right? So depending on my job situation too (I want to work more). Perhaps I can do it later next month. I just don’t want to promise something I cannot keep. I am sorry, sis, I cannot just start! I hope you are not too dissapointed. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

      2. Oh, please don’t be sad. That is what I thought: To participate later! It is a really fantastic idea and sounds like a lot of fun! And of course it’s right my alley! Yes, sure! Sorry, that I did not think of it. Of course I reblog it, sis!!! 😘😘😘

  1. I want to take part…I already know what picture prompt I want to use…so please tell me what to do. Copy the picture, go to my blog, insert image, then write the post? Is that it? What tag should I use? We just write on one, right?

    1. yes perefct and link your post to my post – as in any word of your post to this post and also once you are done just put your post link in the comments πŸ™‚ – yay i am so happy that you are participating πŸ™‚

      1. Oh oh, that puts on the pressure to write a wonderful story for the prompt πŸ˜‰ And if if Zee is reading the comments – thanks for the kind words about my writing πŸ™‚ I hope the rest of the conversation was good too πŸ˜‰

  2. Reblogged this on Erika Kind and commented:
    My wonderful and talented author sister, Kruti, is coming up with a fantastic challenge. Please read about her idea and if you don’t mind please reblog it too! Thanks for your support! πŸ’–

  3. What a great idea. And as someone who moves/moved a lot over the years, I love the idea of your group. I often used book clubs, welcome wagon, community volunteer groups to get acquainted. It really works. I’d be happy to join your prompts, most likely after the holidays. Thanks.

  4. I will definitely have a go at this at some point Kruti, but I am struggling to keep up with everything at the moment, but I absolutely love the idea. I’ll see what I can doπŸ˜‰

      1. I’ll get there Kruti gimme a couple of days then I’m on holiday from work and can hopefully catch up with a few things☺

  5. Kruti, my story is coming up tomorrow at 11 am my time (2 am your time) Cannot give you a link yet, since it wouldn’t work! Hope you like it! I enjoyed participating! 😊😊😘

  6. IΒ΄m gonna do this prompt now, the number 6 about the rapist but there is no picture so IΒ΄ll hang one I choose or not, donΒ΄t know yet. Just going with my creative writing isntict flow

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