Who will cry when you die 


Its funny how things take a sharp yet excruciatingly slow turn in life,one minute someone is your first priority the next the last. Times you thought should never end are just a part of your oh-so-happy times. People whom you thought will be there in every walk of your life, are the same ones whose calls you deliberately ignore. People whom you thought aren’t worth your time or didn’t deserve your second look are now the ones influencing every decision in your life. time change. people change. feelings change. cities change. situation change. expectations changes. And you,you remain stuck in this never ending rut of thinking whats it goin to be like with this person you’re sitting with.  



10 thoughts on “Who will cry when you die 

  1. Stop thinking so much, people are people, relationships evolve or dissolve , is just life. Just have fun with the ride as long as it lasts since you never know when life is going to end you might as well have a ball with it. And be a little mean by your part wouldn´t hurt you. A bit Machiavellian doesn´t hurt. They do say that good men finish last, and that is true. Same goes for women, just human nature. I´m the voice that everybody has inside and nobody wants to admit it, see me as your revelation, as you JEEEEEEEESUS, you´re, Dalai Lama, Your Saviour, I´m just GOD.
    Take care beautiful.

  2. Things are said so easily. Went there through pretty painfully this year. It will never keep me from believing in the good of the people in general. But for sure I won’t believe someone anymore who fooled me. The beautiful thing is that the other way around (as you mentioned too) happens a lot more 🙂

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