White and Delicate Snowflakes

If there’s ever a moment in time

where you notice something strange,

something off,

an odd egg in the bunch,


stop and look.

If you feel as though there’s a force or a being,

a shadow on the ground that isn’t your own,

a light from above that’s not from the sun,

just look up,

look into the snowflakes falling from above,

close your eyes,

feel the individual specs of frozen water fall onto your cheeks,

feel the droplets of condensed ice drip off the skin,

feel the cold;

the ice of winter,

the strength it gives,

and realize that even if you may be feeling something strange,

a sense of being watched,

if you’ve finally noticed the crack in the eggshell,

take notice of something brighter,

a source that scares away the bizarre occurrences,

a light from somewhere,

find it,

and catch onto it.

Compel the mind and taunt the soul to create gravity,

a magnetization towards the planetary body providing a glow,

feel the flow of electrical freeze

and how it sometimes feels hot instead of cold,

and realize the beauty of those moments

when what’s cold turns warm,

when the fire in the hearth glows brighter like the magnet

and the glaciers melt;

see the glowing orbs of joy that rise from the chimneys,

the ones that drift towards different parts of the world,

entering the minds of those who need it most.

Be a bear,

an arctic beast that roams the tundra,

roaring up to the particles of snow that fall to the solid ponds

and rising to make your voice heard to those who try to hear it,

and stomp across the ice like it can’t be broken;

and then once this is done,

and you’ve looked up,

recognize a single snowflake as it skydives down from above,

see it’s parachute,

it’s arms,

and it’s expression,

and how terrified it must’ve been to make that leap,

to jump,

to feel,

to see,

to experience,

to journey,

to travel,

to fear,

to glow,

to roar,

to fly,

to drift,

to make,

to sing,

to flake,

to cry,

to be happy,

to finally find the safety it’s been looking for,

to discover a world it hadn’t discovered

called Earth,

a place that is filled with danger and regret and everything unimaginably bad and horrific,

yet a place of peace that can be used to find your very own snowflake,

and recognize that you,

as yourself,

can jump,















and be happy with who you are.


10 thoughts on “White and Delicate Snowflakes

  1. Kruti, that was just amazing! That power and encouragement your words radiate are amazing!!! I agree! I fully agree. This year I fell into the deepest gap I ever did. I was disappointed and hurt to the core but when I was ready to let this go I knew that the sun would break throught the clouds soon! I knew that I had to let this go. The problem was only: How? But the moment came when I was ready. And as soon as it was done and turned around in order to move on, I saw the brightest light and the blessing I was waiting for so long standing in front of me. It has always been there, I just looked into the wrong direction. And the darkness I saw was the shadow from that light because it was in my back. Yes, when there is that spark, that snowflake, that little whispring voice, look, feel, listen! It is the signpost towards daylight! Beautiful and most inspiring post, Kruti 😘😘😘

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