A vote of thanks to the girl who saved my life 🙂


So today, i took my first true victory lap. For the first time in months, i walked without my walker or someone helping me. The first steps were shaky, and i felt my knees buckle, i then did my best to straighten my back, lift my head up confidently and took the next step.Although it was a relatively short walk from the parking lot to the store and then back, I couldn’t stop smiling.


A moment I’ve been thinking of for months, wondering what it would be like. Afterwards I’m sitting in the car feeling a little sweaty because I was really nervous and it took a lot of energy and focus to walk on my own. It’s weird thinking how your body does things naturally, and then when you actually have to tell your body to do something that used to come natural, well its a weird feeling. Regardless…

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