12 thoughts on “Time Does Not Bring Relief

  1. I know what you mean with marking situations, happenings as memory right when they happen and they show up again and again when things changed. You are a woman who feels deep and honest. It is not easy to just close the door and never look back. Actually I think, yes, we should close the door, turn the key, and move on to the new apartment. But I think we should never try to forget or even deny our memories. They are the ones who make our next apartment bigger, lighter, better. Because we learned from the nice as from the less nice things to pick our next apartment. And we understand once we turn the key to open up that new door.
    I love memories. They are part of my history, part of me, and although they might hurt at times, they led me to the place I am today. The best is always yet to come!

  2. True that memories haunt us when. We left behind such days which stays with us for long long time .. Never u feel like moving ahead not turning back even once. U would turn back if the moments spent with someone special are wonderful enough to haunt us for a long time

  3. Better leave some memories way way….way behind, for your own sanity and so you keep on moving forward and not looking back. Nothing good comes out of living in the past. Just my random though.

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