17 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. If it was perfect, there would have never been a scandal. Clearly it was only one-sided perfection. Naivety does not equal perfection. Naivety equals bliss. So, it should be once the trust is broken, can the bliss be restored?

    1. I believe that no person is bad and its just the situation that plays a negative role. People make mistakes and they do realize it and in such cases they are still perfect but somewhere heart fails to forget

  2. The saddest kind of separation is the one where you both change for the better, wish the best for each other, are happy with each other but still have to part ways because people who are your “well wishers” won’t accept it…!! 🙂

    Irony how they wish “well” for you but don’t let you be with the one who is your world…!!

  3. Again your talking about me !! Or maybe it´s me that´s a narcissist.
    Just one point, in a comment you said that you didn´t believe that people are bad that it was the circumstances, no sister, there are truly bad people out there. And actually I believe that people by nature are mischievous but they do have to adapt to societies rules which means they do put up a front of being “good”. But that´s just my take, I could be wrong.

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