18 thoughts on “Decoding a WOMEN – Being Uncultured

  1. I think that the whole idea of cheating is a bit more complicated than that, but I get your thoughts. It’s like a garden that needs tending all of the time, but it requires two gardeners or the weeds will appear. YOU, my friend, are not characterless. You are a shining light in India.



  2. Hi Kruti. That was an amazing post and I can agree also from the our part of the world. My family was my realm. I was like a lioness. I had an ear for everybody, was trying my best to deal with my mean family in law. But when I wanted to talk to my husband about it because I was hurt, abused, lied at, manipulated… he turned away. He wasn’t interested in my feelings. Over the years I stopped trying to talk to him and did my own thing. That was when we moved apart. After some more years I realized that my love had died and I wanted the seperation. It is how you described it. We are still married and he tried his best because he realized what he was about to lose. It got a little better but I don’t need him anymore to listen to me because I grew out of that need. My love never came back anymore but we are getting along well. And yes, if we really got divorced I would have been the one to blame. Because I would have been the one that tore the family apart. My husband was always the darling of everyone also of my family. That means I had no one to talk to during all those years. But I grew on it.
    Thanks for this post, Kruti!!!

      1. That was all before my book was published. Actually it was part of my breakthrough process. I was always scared to step up for me, I was always alone. But when I found the courage to tell my husband that I don’t love him anymore I began to rise. I mentioned many examples of that time in my book. Kruti I would love to send it to you. Can you email me your address?

  3. That’s a thought-provoking post, Kruti. True there are reasons much more than the ones stated in case of cheating. But I understand. And yes, we have not been spared in our country. Guess we will never be, if the situation persists.

  4. A thought provoking post Kruti on a complex issue. Not that all women are saints and all men are devils but its true that women get labelled as characterless for the same act more than men. But again the ones who put the labels are not men but women too.

    1. exactly!! that’s what my point is!!! If we all together try to spread the message may be we can create some waves! it’s high time that we all change 😦 i love this country, i love my roots and i am sad looking at its decaying state

  5. If you show me a male or female that is 100% faithful, I´ll show you a flying pig. Although there are exceptions ofcourse. See? And women can not be decoded, they are a mystery to humanity or to males to some anyways, so you are undecodable (I just invented a word). So reading this post just made my belief of staying single and ready to mingle all that much stronger. I like when you said “before she cheats she will wine and cry….” well that´s great, but she still is cheating so she can wine and cry all she wants but that doesn´t make it better than a guy not crying when he cheats. Plus a lot of women tend not to cry and wine while cheating, actually they have quite the good time. But I love your idealism( hope you apply it to your life), and your big brown eyes too. I guess this comment should piss you off, and if not I´ll email then.
    Well, now is time for me to go to eat with your mother from another country.
    Love, your brother form another country.

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