24 Hours, A Lifetime To Go…

Letters To Mowgli

Mo & Me Pic Credit: Rohan Swamy Mo & Me
Pic Credit: Rohan Swamy

My Dearest Mownee Mo,

Where did 11 years go?

The memories are tucked so far out in my mind that I can barely access a few or so,

Moving Pictures of you fill the dark space of my closed eyes,

And even with my lids open, I see only you…

A beautiful soul, a black and white spotted miracle…

I see you in everything, and my heart cries…

I think of where you are now,

Just beyond this plane,

Where you can run and jump and hide bones and see,

Where you are healthy and cancer-free,

Where you are grinning your trademark grin,

Where the sun is ever shining for you,

Where it’s never dim or grim…

I picture you running in full speed on grassy land,

Chasing squirrels and cats, dirtying your soft, beautiful paws in your favourite mounds of sand,


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8 thoughts on “24 Hours, A Lifetime To Go…

  1. It is so wonderful what a strong bond we can have to our animal friends. They are real and pure, don’t lie and don’t disappoint us. It hurts a lot when those true and loyal friends have to leave.

  2. Such a tender, beautiful post. There is nothing quite like the enduring love and loyalty that our pets provide to us. I hope that Nupur’s grief passes and she is left with wonderful memories of her departed friend.

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