Teaser Alert – “Beyond the Boundaries”


In the placid and artistically impregnated art gallery everyone was discussing the paintings that had been magnificently hanging on the wall. The Art Gallery had been packed with people. Groups by groups of people were entering the exhibition halls; their faces were radiant with joy. charcoal drawings, pencil drawings and oil paintings were on display. Most of them reflect daily activities and some of them bring us into a world of imagination and dreams.

An oil painting caught a boy in his late twenties attention. He kept staring at it for long as if he knew the person that had been painted. He was smiling as if the painting reminded him of someone. Raghav noticed him and went to greet him

“Hi there, may I help you?”

“Hi, I love this painting of yours. It’s precious and beautiful”


“The girl; this back, that little scar on the back, it does remind me of someone and that dream catcher you tattooed on it in your painting is just brilliant. That girl was full of dreams from the time I knew her”

“I ma flattered”

“I would like to buy this one”


“How much is it?”

“you have selected the most expensive painting from my collection, plus it has beautiful memories attached to me as well” he smiled

“just price it and its mine. Please do not deal it with anyone”

“if I am not interfering can I ask you what happened to that girl?”

“Well, nothing happened to her, she was mine long back, until I cheated on her and shattered her trust and now she has her own world but my time is running out. I don’t have time on my hands”


“I am dying soon”

Raghav looked at him as he smiled a peaceful serene glow. He had no courage to price it for him

“I am sorry”

“don’t be. May be it’s the karma. Also I would like to to look at this painting everyday for the rest of my available days” he laughed.

“It’s all your’s sir. Please don’t buy it instead accept it as a gift from me. The girl in this painting is a beautiful angel that entered my life and changed everything for good but I know I cannot have her for myself”

“Thank you Mr. Raghav.  I appreciate your kind gesture but I insist on paying for your hardwork”

“Please don’t make me ashamed. Please accept it as a gift”

After a little discussion the man agreed. Raghav ordered his caretaker to pack the painting and deliver it to the address given by him. Meanwhile he thanked him and moved ahead to look at the other paintings.

Maahi entered a bit late with Shreya. She was helping her pack as soon after the exhibition shreay was flying.

“Sorry we are late. Wow the place is full”. Maahi was all excited to look at the painting. The exhibition offered her precious minutes of relaxation and enriched her imagination. It brought her back into her happy and peaceful past, full of love and tenderness, among my dear ones.

“Wow Raghav. Beautiful. Hey where’s that painting in which there’s a girl who look similar to Maahi?” Shreya winked at Raghav.

“I just gifted it to someone”

“Gifted?” Maahi exclaimed

“Yeah” and Raghav told him the entire incident that happened few minutes back. He then pointed to the man who had been so much interested in that painting.

Maahi didn’t understand, as if her brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all. How could this happen? She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes until she saw nothing but sparkles. She tried to sit down, but it was more like a stumble and fall that left her in a trembling heap on the sidewalk.

“Raghav, did he say he is dying?” Maahi had tears, visible tears in her eyes.

“Yeah that’s what he said”

Just then the three of them saw the man leaving the hall heading towards a car with a driver in it. He speeded off before Maahi could catch hold of him

“You have his address or phone number?”

“Why are you asking all of these” Shreya and Raghav both had the same question in their mind.

She paled, raising a hand to cover her beating heart as she released the words from her mouth “Shreya! He is Raahil”

Everything made sense now and Shreya consoled her crying friend. Raghav ran to pick the register with his details and handed it to Maahi

“I am coming with you” Shreya took her hand

“No, I will confront him” Maahi left the place.


17 thoughts on “Teaser Alert – “Beyond the Boundaries”

  1. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! This is so amazing, Kruit! Wow, an excerpt of your book. What a story. I got totally nervous while reading if she makes it to catch… Ohh, that really is a teaser, dear! I want to read on… 😃 You are such a great writer!!!! And I am so happy to have you here!!!

      1. They are great. Today I saw a post where a blogger did a dream catcher bracelet. All my kids have one in their rooms! I am so excited about your book, Kruti. Did you get my email now?

      2. Kruti, I can only say that Rob cares a lot about you! He has a very hectic time and has obligations all over. I am sure, that your email simply slipped through. I don’t want to speak in his place but he really, really cares!

  2. wow….i can say only this. your writing is always did so. you make me read all ur post even there are some other work pending on the list. u r doing magic with the words and turn them into a heart touching story. KEEP It Up .God bless u dear.

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