27 thoughts on “Who are we to do this?

  1. Great words, Kruti. I guess first and foremost everybody can simply be a role model in the they treat animals. Of course there are organisations all over the globe. But it always starts with the individual. It basically is a matter of respect towards nature and others.

    1. yeah i just came through some disturbing images of how some country actually have dogs on their menu and i thought about my fur baby and i almost cried! i can die in place of her if god permits me to do so! how can we be so inhuman

  2. I don’t understand. One thing, a lot people get dogs without realizing the great responsibility and work that goes into it. They end up dumping them on the street or bringing them to a shelter. The shelters don’t have the resources to keep them all forever.

    I recently adopted a puppy that was found on the street and brought into a shelter to be euthanized. I “adopted” her because she is a living being that deserves to live and be loved. Unfortunately there are more people tossing them on the streets than there are those “rescuing” them.

    1. i am soooooo glad and grateful that you did that thing 🙂 really world needs people like you! and i totally agree that people are indeed careless with their intentions. I would love to post a photo of you and ur adopted she pup 🙂 do send me if you can 🙂

  3. Very sad! After adopting our second dog I decided never ever to get a dog from a breeder again… There are so many beautiful dogs (and cats) out there who deserve a loving home!

  4. Humans breed animals to sell them. We need to close down the irresponsible puppy farms and we need to make owners pay a licence fee to own a pet that can pay for all animals to be chipped. People will be less likely to abandon an animal if it costs them money and if it can be traced back to them.
    If excess monies from licences were donated to the RSPCA or SPCA in other countries, then maybe they could employ more inspectors to go round to check on animal welfare.Any cruelty must result in a lifelong ban from keeping animals.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. you make a very good point their David!! Yes, adopting a pet should be made costly but at the same time there should be inspectors who can measure the genuinity of the family. At times good and caring families doesnt have money but have big heart! Such people should definitely be allowed to adopt

  5. And we buy dogs and cats for pets. There are so many homeless animals.

    But the generalization of the statement is wrong in a way. Sometimes the animals are in such agony that it is a mercy. Unfortunately, it is saddening for me to utter the words. I have a dog too.

  6. Sending you thousands of hugs…your selfless, caring heart always inspires! It is so very heartbreaking to see that happen to so many. They have such a vibrant voice to speak for them in you! I love you for the grace alive within you dear sister! Blessings!

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