45 thoughts on “I menstruate and i am not shy about it

  1. you are right . you arent doing any crime here . its natural process. many are hesitant to even ask . so they buy that from the supermart where they can pick that without asking anyone and get it billed .
    but yeah there is nothing to be shy about . good post .

  2. I absolutely agree Kruti!
    These are some issues that the Indian women face day to day and just go with it.
    People treat us like its some sort of a sin that we are committing.The most shocking part is when well educated people behave in this manner, sorry to say but I categorize such people into ‘educated illiterates’.Its high time people change their mindset and have a broader perspective towards issues in general rather than just blindly following beliefs that are being passed on since generations.

      1. Absolutely, its us (the young generation who can start to bring about this change)
        If we could accept a change like virtual shopping, this is quite achievable.

  3. This is shocking what you tell us. Really shocking. Although I know that in some (actually even modern) parts of the world these stupic and discriminative thinking is still too present it shocks me to read it again. As you say it is completely contradictory. I know that you soon will be in a different part of this world where at least this issue doesn’t exist anymore. But I am sure that you simply suffer from this ignorance and in in your home country. I don’t want to go deeper in my sad and angry feelings about that since it doesn’t help. I just hope that there are more women like you that simply act the way they feel. But take care, Kruti!!!

  4. I had to go to the store and buy them for my cousin once. For a young boy, it was stressful! lol But, I get your point. This sort of attitude that is institutionalized nationally must go away.

      1. Attitudes towards women in India seems very extreme! India, as a nation, needs to realize what a national treasure it has in its female population.

  5. Supermarkets do indeed lessen the discomfort, in that one need not ask for them, but there is still this shyness in many countries. In fact, there is still some embarrassment about asking for sanitary napkins in stores, especially if the clerk is young and male. It’s all part of the prevalent male dominance oriented world society.

  6. I can’t remember the numerous times I have heard baseless stories on a women who are on menstual cycle that they can’t or shouldn’t do certain things. It might be surprising but things like this happens in US too.. I remember buying pads from supermarket and people looking at you as if you’ve done some kind or crime. Its like yeah I’ma girl and yes I get on period, yes i need a damn pad do you have a problem? There is still embarrasement in our society that we can’t discuss openly about certain things while we call ourselves “modern” .. So ironic.. Isn’t it?

  7. Thanks for posting this! I was not aware of you are writing, and this seems incredible to me. World is still such a big place and with so much difference from one place to the other!!!

      1. I believe you Kruti. That’s why I thank you. I travel a lo for tourism and for work. I’ve been in many strange places, and I know that world now is small because of internet, but mentality cannot change, and this makes the word so huuuuge!

      2. u r welcome 🙂 indeed technology has made virtual travels possible and much easier and has helped briging the world together and now is the time they adapt to each other values as well 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on Author Erika Kind and commented:
    I love to reblog a post of one of my most appreciated blogger friends. Kruti is a young Indian woman. She is very courageous and intelligent. She spreads awareness about the horrible status Indian women still have.

  9. There are two species of india situated in india. India, which is still one of the 19th century and the other side of the 21st century,If u want any effective change in the ppl of 19 century they need to make a step ahead and set up a mind set like 21st century ppl..

  10. I had my brother buy some once. He was so young and embarassed. Hahaha. Anyhow, I’m thinking that this mentality you’ve written about comes from a Hindu world-view, right? Hmmmmmm. That’s got to be tough facing societal pressures like that as a woman. I lived in Jaipur for a time. Never noticed the fopas of stuff like that tough.
    Where in India are you from?

  11. Kruti,
    I’ve faced this problem so many times myself! Menstruating is not a crime. I don’t understand why so much hatred and criticism is imposed upon a woman when she menstruates. I consider it the holiest thing about being a woman.
    I love your attitude. It’s us, the upcoming generation, that will definitely bring about the change!

  12. When women look at another woman buying sanitary napkins they might be admiring her nerve and self-confidence. There are other kinds of personal items that are embarrassing also, like Depends for incontinence. It really is silly to buy a personal item that nearly everyone will buy at some time in their life and feel embarrassed about it… even though we are all grown-ups, still there are these little-kid feelings that remain from childhood.

  13. Haha nice write up. I can’t believe you did the Mukesh comparison ☺But which ever place is this. I thought we outgrew that at least in cities.

  14. It will be interesting to see how much progress in the treatment of women is made in the next 100 years. Lets all (women) instruct our kids and grand-children etc etc to be aware and keep working for improvement. Especially the girls…they are the ones who will make the world better by raising “better” boys to men. HaHa

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