49 thoughts on “This is all about me, a girl who reads….

      1. haha!! Its like a pleasant summer night, sitting with my laptop on the terrace and just reflecting on my inner self and thoughts and scribbling it out!!

      2. Ohhhhhh….. what a great picture! I totally get you. I always get sentimental in the evening while thinking about life and writing…. how I love that!!!

      3. Yeah and those writings are like one of the most beautiful ones :D… We will do that together once…. I am still on for our book writing vacation 😀

      4. I am sorry, Kruti. I did not mean to confuse you!!! You will get no know it all. OR: We just show you around during aour writing vacation… sounds not too bad either, right?

      1. Yeah still we all are here to share and listen to each other’s pain and happiness. BTW you have a very good way of expressing things.. Keep writing 🙂

      1. But if not… yes, then you had to face spending winter in warmer areas, under clear night skies, listening to the crickets with a mojito in hands… cruel, I know!

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