17 thoughts on “Are we Indians so selfish to forget our values and ethics in front of helpless and needy beings?

  1. It is also worrisome how most highway accidents are seen as carnival shows that people stop and stare at.

    I was in a fairly bad car wreck last year, and not one vehicle stopped for over an hour. Not even the nice families with fat kids packed like sardines in the backseat. Agreed, I don’t look like the most approachable person but still, it told me a lot about the samaritan complex that so many people just don’t seem to have.

    1. omg thats sad. I have been in an accident myself in 2007 and same thing happened so many years back, no vehicles stopped coz’ they thought i am dead. I had a head injury and was bleeding a lot. No one wanted a police case and finally a nice man stopped and he was on time. A few minutes delay would have killed me. I fail to understand humans at times.

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