You Old People, You’re Boring…REALLY???

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Last week President Obama gave a speech in which he finished up his remarks with an observation about old people, “And, by the way, the older people here, as wise and as respected as you may be: your stuff is often boring. Compared to what they’re doing” he said.

There is nothing really new or special about the President’s statement, the story of humanity has always enveloped a theme of older people becoming stale and irrelevant, while younger people want whatever is new and hip.

Unfortunately, a society in which the young people become disenfranchised from the older people, is a culture that will eventually suffer. After all, to borrow the colloquialism, we all know there is nothing new under the sun, and there is no use in reinventing the wheel. And when young people become disconnected from their elders this is the very…

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2 thoughts on “You Old People, You’re Boring…REALLY???

  1. Hi Kruti…love your blog, as usual. Except that in the article reposted from Coffee and Conversation, President Obama’s speech is terribly misrepresented. He was not talking about “old people” in general…he was addressing (and looking at) a specific group in the audience (a group of Islamic American leaders) and speaking about how THEY need to modernize their teachings and ideas to make them more interesting and compelling to young people so that they are less likely to be fascinated by such groups as ISIL and ISIS, and the like. The speech was generally about the so-called “war on terrorism,” and what Obama intends to do about combatting terrorists.

    The Coffee and Conversation story writer obviously did not hear the speech, and when he writes stuff like this…taken out of context…and twists the meaning of what was said…then he should be told about it. (I left a message on his site as The Hysterical Historian…one of my alter egos who is for Accuracy in Media.)

    I heard the entire speech…and I am older than dirt, so if the president was trying to insult “old people” he didn’t insult me. 🙂

    1. Hello Gradmama i agree with you but i agreed to him on the context of indian older people who are very rigid, not adapting to new things and spreading wrong preachings and again it does not imply to all. I have my best friend who is 65 years old (like 30 years elder to me) from spain and i love her. So there are people in the world who adapt to changes and such people exists in india too but this was about all those who do not change with time and create an imbalance in the culture 😦

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