Did you?

do u see my eyes when i cry coz i feel alone, do you see me snuggling a soft toy coz i need a pet and you never cared about the same, do you see that i am trying to adjust with your parents but i am not able to coz we have a huge age gap, do you realize that i have been brought up in a completely different environment and to leave it behind is not easy, do you realize that i love traveling and you never encouraged!

Life is short and we get it just once! Do you care making it memorable??


8 thoughts on “Did you?

  1. You almost got a poem from me this time…stop chasing and be chased, you are a treasure let one earn the precious gift of the love your heart and spirit has to offer! God is love and his love was planted within you to share with one who will treasure it. Love conquers all things….all things, again all things. Do not give away what is a priceless prize for one to receive easily…let them earn the blessing which you are. God bless!

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