Do you have a SECRET? Come on Bloggers, this is worth doing

Each one of us do, i am sure about it. Funny, weird, dark or may be hilarious. We all have secrets, a kind which we wont share with anyone, not even our best friends. I definitely have such. They create butterfly in my stomach whenever i think about it.Those were my Do or Die moments

I read this somewhere:

Recent work demonstrates that harboring secrets influences perceptual judgments and actions. Individuals carrying secrets make judgments consistent with the experience of being weighed down, such as judging a hill as steeper and judging distances to be farther. In the present article, two studies examined whether revealing a secret would relieve the burden of secrecy. Relative to a control condition, thinking about a secret led to the judgments of increased hill slant, whereas revealing a secret eliminated that effect. Additionally, relative to a control condition, thinking about a secret led to judgments of increased distance, and again, revealing a secret eliminated that effect . Sharing secrets with others might relieve the perceived physical burden from secrecy.

And then i found something online ๐Ÿ™‚ – Sketch Your Secretsย and i really loved the idea inspired from Frank Warren.


We all have secrets, happy, sad and dark that we do not share with anyone. Some secrets are buried deep inside the human soul and they never come out. Such are theย secrets that are โ€œnot meant to be sharedโ€ย and are often coiled in the heart.

Sharing secrets definitely HELPS!!!

Sketch Your Secrets allows you to share your secret without telling others who you are. It gives you freedom to speak out ย anything under the sky, something that you could not have said otherwise.

Now is the time to relieve the burden of Secrets off your shoulder without letting the world know you wrote it, yet sharing it with them. Soon you will realize that you are not alone and everyone has a deep, dark, scary, or beautiful secrets.

How to send them secret?

We want to ensure you that your identity would be 100% secret and hence we have created a user email id for you all. Use this email id to send us your secret cards and that way even we wont know who you are!!!!

Does that make sense? ๐Ÿ™‚

Sketch Your Secrets is an online community to share Secrets Anonymously. We are eagerly waiting for your ย cards. Sketch it, paint it, design it, or use a postcard, do whatever you want and just let it out of your self and get relieved. Scan it or take a picture and we are sure that is going to make you smile big.

Hereโ€™s the details:


Password: SketchySecrets@123

Send your cards to

So what i am saying is I AM TRYING THIS OUT ๐Ÿ™‚ and i would like to invite you all to this new portal and participate afterall that’s what we all blog pals are for, helping each other, growing together. I did speak to this wonderful girl handling the blog and she is really excited to start this thing. I promised her my extended support to help her meet new people here who can be a part of her exciting project that has just one goal – SPREAD SMILES.

I really like such individuals who do something creative instead of wasting time like many i know. I have few friends here, whenever i talk to them my IQ level suddenly drops down by 10%. yes!! i am not kidding coz they are like total waste of life. Sometime i feel they should just donate their organs to people out there with dreams and aspirations and lack f resources. Yesterday wen i stumble upon this girl’s facebook page i dropped her a message and she replied within 15 minutes and then i got an opportunity to interact with her and know her exact idea behind this project and trust me she is a wonderful girl with a beautiful goal through this project.

For those on Facebook can find here page hereย 

So guys, lets all try this and also spread it across your friends for her. Also you can reblog this post and get the idea floating ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you all


29 thoughts on “Do you have a SECRET? Come on Bloggers, this is worth doing

  1. I hope whatever deep, dark, little secret you have, once shared takes a load off your shoulders Kruti. I get the feeling there will be much sadness out there, but hopefully much feeling of relief too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

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