A tour to the Blogland – Know the AVID BLOGGERS

First of all I am very much thankful to my wonderful friend and a very talented Author Erika Kind for taking me through a TOUR TO THE BLOGLAND. This is indeed a beautiful idea to let the world and other bloggers know about some amazing blogs on WordPress and introducing them to your reader base. She is an inspiring writer with a wonderful book which I suggest you all should immediately grab a copy.

Now to the simple rules regarding the tour:

  1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.(I will do this at the end of the post, so please have patience.)
  2. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do:
  • What am I working on at the moment? At the moment I am working full time as a social worker trying to do something for humans as well as Animals. I am working full time for humans but we do not have much organizations serving animals as hence I am trying to do my best with whatever resources I have.
  • How does my work differ to others in my genre? My friends here on WordPress often has a question for me whenever I write a story “Kruti why??”. The reason being very simple. I write dark tales and unusual stories that are a bit on darker side. That is how my genre differs from others. Also in both the books I wrote I followed a unique pattern of my own. Every chapter of my first novel was followed by a poem that indicated what was going to happen next and in second book, collection of short stories, every short story was followed by a poem defining the emotion of that story. 

Link to both the book on side panel of my blog 🙂 

  • Why do I write/create what I do? I was 7 or may be when I realized that everything has an end. It was after knotty died. I cried my eyes out coz’ knotty was dear to me. Knotty was a black cocker spaniel and my family dog whom I adored. I grew up playing with her, climbing on her back, and kissing her while she licked me back. I would always be thankful to god for sending me to an animal lover family, indeed that made me an avid animal lover as well as throughout my life I have been able to maintain and understand the dignity of every souls that exist around us. READ MORE
  • How does my writing/creative process work? I normally wrote stories that are real or are inspired form real incidents and doing so the emotions and the flow of the story happens naturally. Also I  need a very silent place where my thoughts are not distracted by world and that brings out the best in me. A book writing holiday is what I would always prefer though it haven’t taken any but I would love to do that in future.
  1. And then write a one-time article which is to be posted on a Monday, (the date supplied by your nominator). (This article can be in the same post in which you answered the 4 questions.

I am a story teller and hence I would tell you a tale that is inspired from SHIRLEY JACKSON TALES who’s my role model and I just adore whatever she has written:


The publishing date for my nominees is February 16. Why did I choose them? Because their stories and tellings touched me, because they have something important to tell, and because we can learn a lot from them. Here they come:



18 thoughts on “A tour to the Blogland – Know the AVID BLOGGERS

  1. You really deserved that tour award, Kruti! I was curious what you are going to write and it is great. I love the idea of taking book writing holidays. I often thought to just escape for 2 or 3 months towards California, rent a small apartment with a balcony with ocean view and write all day long inspired by my soul nurturing surrounding. Who knows… the dream is alive! Thanks for participating, Kruti!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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