42 thoughts on “A glass doll – Darkened spirits of a women

  1. It can be a change of the whole inner world when you give yourself into someone else and then find yourself just thrown in a corner… It is like putting yourself together and leading yourself back home piece by piece over time.

      1. I understand. This is one of the things which might only heal with time, the steps and new experiences you make out of it and next to it. The most challenging thing is that you don’t get it out of your head which keeps you stuck in the pain, right? I guess this is the most important way to get the healing distance and therefore to support the process. When it is really over for you, then turn your head towards the future. Even if the ending was unfair and painful you gained a lot of things out of the relationship AND the ending. But until you can make peace you need to give yourself time. Time for your grief, time for your anger until you can release it.

  2. I hope I was. I never felt the need to stray, but though I know men are the worst for doing that, it isn’t just men who do it and when it happens to me man I promise the feelings are just as intense, the heart just as torn, the hurt lasts and trust is a long time returning.It’s like walking into a wall, you may not fall down but you walk about feeling dazed wondering where the wall came from and who built it.
    Men are perhaps not as good at vocalising their feelings as women are so may come across as uncaring but it’s just upbringing that does it.
    I’m sorry for the hurt you’ve felt.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Very proper grounds. Being a man I lived those facets; maybe I’m an exception … But it is necessary, and I realized this, see and not just look … The empathy and assertiveness must be between beings, which is ultimately what we are .. . The genre keeps us more about us …

  4. Both sides can squander an opportunity. I have certainly loved without limits and found myself crushed and insecure once I found out there was another that she loved. To me, it’s not a matter of intelligence, but one of common sense.

  5. I’m bringing my own bandwagon to this parade, for what it’s worth: men and women both feel the pain of “rejection”…but is it really ‘rejection’ when one person’s heart changes how it beats toward another person? Can there really be blame? Are we REALLY meant to be in one relationship FOREVER?
    But, I’m single, so what do I know?

  6. Remember, the power of forgiveness is always better for oneself. If not you walk around with a grudge or in my case with a crutch, but is never good to walk around with a grudge nor a crutch actually.

      1. Also i passed the song to zee on whats app and she has told me to convey a message for you “Rob everything is just perfect, your voice and the melody and this is the cutest thing ever …. Also *clears the throat* good thing you dint ruin in with my voice πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Kruti’s voice would have just destroyed it all :p ”

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