Please don’t Text and Drive – It’s Creepy!

It often happens that when i went to a restaurant or a friends place where the network is bad, it irritates the hell out of me. The reason being very simple, i cannot connect with anyone, the network goes out and i start feeling lonely in the crowd. We all understand the harmful consequences of getting addicted to ones own cellphones but we still do. and the worst amongst it is texting and driving which is my “all the time: habit.

this morning, while checking my Facebook account i stumbled on this video link.

I request you all to take few minutes out of your life and do see this once. It definitely has changed my perspective and has scared me for henceforth. I would be avoiding all the texting habits while driving. Cellphones have become so inextricably woven into our daily lives that we fail to look at the worst consequences that lies ahead of it.

Liz was beautiful and a simple text changed her life forever. Her same friends that loved hanging out with her changed their attitudes because of that scar on her face.

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6 thoughts on “Please don’t Text and Drive – It’s Creepy!

  1. This story definitely is an example of the possible results and how fast life can change out of an inattantion. My best friend had to experience that too. I caused a huge crash not because of texting but because of setting something on his phone while driving. He suffered from the pain for several months. But he was lucky anyway – no serious injuries!

  2. This is a heartbreaking example of what can happen when texting and driving. My son was a leader in a class about this same subject in high school. I believe both Steph and Michael are smart when it comes to driving and texting and I have to hang on to that belief. Liz’ problems resulting after her accident are horrible but what is more profound is her friends not “being there” for her. That goes to show you that those friends weren’t friends at all. Thanks for this vital reminder, Kruti…love and hugs!

    p.s. I’m reading your book and love it!

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