The saddest word – “Goodbye”

It totally came to my mind after reading Rob’s post on biding his colleague a final goodbye and how music connected them. Goodbyes are bad for one and all, they are painful, and they take a part of you away from yourself. This is something to ponder about. And what if you have to bid adieu to someone you would never see again. This is often the sad side of meeting new people.

Back during my graduation days I had to bid a final goodbye to my best friend from America. It was a depressing feeling and I was despairing at the looming loneliness for months to come thinking about what lies ahead. That is the main reason I avoid getting very close to people. Those “Keep in touch” are not enough and with the time their sustainability often decreases with time. I met few new people at a wedding recently and got close to one and then it was the time for a goodbye. This is the reason I shed more tears than adventures while meeting new people. When you have to say goodbye to the amazing people you meet along your journey, and it’s a day that always seems to come too soon, trust me! I hate that feeling.

It’s often incredible how quickly you build a bond with people you meet along in your journey. There is often something connecting two individuals. Like Rob and his colleague had music, I and my graduation friend had our similar way of living and thinking out of the box, with a recent new friend it was curiosity bonding us. To get along with them so well that you choose to be with them for a while is something rare and amazing. Of course there is always Skype, Facebook, or good old e-mail to keep in touch, but it’s never the same. Hence, how bitter goodbyes truly are. I have come to a conclusion that we Indians are more emotional than the rest of the world coz’ whenever I bid a goodbye, at times I have noticed that only I feel bad and not the other person. They all seem to be too cool with it. It was a lump in my throat, the sting of tears in my eyes being wiped by a friend who accompanied, and a very real ache in my heart when I gave that final hug and wish that person safe travels

Will I ever manage to see that American guy from New York again? That Spanish girl from Madrid and the curious special boy from Germany? Will our paths cross somewhere down the road?

I recently had a fight with a friend from a part of Europe. We were so much connected and a little seed of misunderstanding and bitter arguments resulted into the end of a beautiful friendship. Probably I decided to end it all this time coz’ it was getting worse with time. There are different types of goodbyes and all are equally painful. The worst goodbye was the one that left such a strong impact on me that I am archiving the entire thing in my next book. All the real time conversations and events.


16 thoughts on “The saddest word – “Goodbye”

  1. Goodbyes are sad and often painful but can’t be avoided as people move on. Those friendships we retain for life are really rare but I think every friendship should be cultivated as though that’s what they’ll become.
    I’m honoured by the friendship of people I’ve met online and so pleased by the depth of some of it even if some is more shallow.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. It is always sad to say good-bye to a loved one – even if they only live in a different part of the world. The wonderful thing about that sadness is that it shows how much we value someone, how much love there is. Isn’t it also a wonderful feeling to have friends all over the globe? I said good-bye so many times to close people and found the blessing in knowing them in my heart forever and being in there’s. Nothing can destroy a real friendship. Love doesn’t know time and space. And whenever you meet (or write) again, you will start at the point where you stopped. Also you have so much to tell from the time you did not see each other. Perhaps this is the perfect time for you get in touch with your friends again. If you don’t know where they are you might search for them. Internet, Facebook, twitter… whatever is so helpful these days. I love your post and I love the song!

      1. Exactly! I reunion is the most wonderful moment, which makes the bond even closer. But it could never be experienced without being separated for a while.

  3. I’m conflicted about goodbyes, especially the ones that hurt. My experience is the most meaningful, deep friendships leave the deepest scars when they end. But, should we not endure those feelings to experience the wonderful feelings associated with friendship? On a less serious note, it appears that Woody is feeling the effects of a needle in his posterior. Just sayin’……..

  4. I never look at goodbyes as final, just ‘until we meet again’s.’ I remember when you stopped posting for awhile, while handling some of your goals. I missed you but all I had to do was visit your site, and read some of your words again, for your spirit is always alive in the words you have written and shared. The same for many artists and those who create…we leave a piece of ourselves in everything we share, in every heart who chose to embrace our offerings…those things always last within them, and when we visit again, so do the smiles come alive again. The spirit of love for our brothers and sisters never ceases to exist…it is always near! Wonderful message! Hugs!

  5. Oh god, you’re totally making me remember all the goodbyes (or badbyes as they sometimes are) – so many, but not all of them sad. Sometimes you need to make room in your life!

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