44 thoughts on ““Oh no! We cannot touch you” – Breaking silence on senseless religious rituals

  1. Although it takes a different form in my country, we still have many prejudices and a lot of religious intolerance. I take your view, I’m a Humanist and try to see people as individuals, all of whom are capable of good actions. I don’t understand people who look down on others because of social/economic class, race, caste in your country, religion, etc. We are all brothers and sisters.

  2. Good Post Kruti…I can totally relate to your post and the way these people…dont touch this you havent showered…dont sit here…you eat non veg you are a devil…I loved it…we are really hypocrites in so many ways

  3. I always love what your mind shares…your thoughts about religion reminded me of a poem I wrote back in the seventies…I am going to share it with you;Imperfect Tools

    Today I learned a secret
    Which my God revealed to me
    For the Lord is so much higher
    Than what religion could ever be

    For man is said to be religious
    If in God he does believe
    But man is blinded severely
    By the vanities his heart does breed

    For religion is a thought of man
    A name given to cover a study or field
    Yet man still fails to realize
    That his thoughts are far from being ideal

    For the Lord is far above us
    In his completeness and honesty
    So how can ideas from the thoughts of men
    Be of a perfect nature such as he

    For we are imperfect creatures and dreamers
    And much more than that foolish fools
    For the dreams that we try to make realities
    We always seem to make into imperfect tools.


    Hugs and blessings my sister

      1. I I am glad I visited you today, i have missed what you always shared, been dealing with some MS episodes…the last ten days, but I am feeling better! We will still write something together one day, You are special my sister…always remember that!

  4. the discrimination runs cold and deep, seeps into skin, colour tones, religious beliefs and even dress accessories. it’s depressing to even think about it, more so when the mind can’t think of one solution to rid our race of discrimination

  5. “Like every human has some strong stand to take i do have my strong Animal Ethics. I do not believe in animal torture for testings or for food. But i never implement what i think on others. I may share my thinking with them, but never force it.”

    We have much in common! Where I live, vegetarians and vegans are sort of mocked by people who defend their carnivorous ways. I try to do what I can to avoid supporting the torture of animals and I care a lot about the environment and climate change too.

    1. thats such a noble thought chandler. I have always been working for animals and i have literally stopped counting the number of animals i rescued. I love them and i wanna be there voice. I am actually planning to join some major animal rights group once in US 🙂

      1. I want to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. This includes all the animals of which humans are one type. There is no difference between Animal Rights and Human Rights for this reason.

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