The new Charlie Hebdo cover: what does it mean?

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Several readers sent me the new cover of Charlie Hebdo (CH), which I reproduce below. It shows a tearful Muhammad holding a sign that says (in translation) “I am Charlie”—the motto taken up by many after the murders—along with the header “Tout est pardoné”: “Everything is forgiven.” The new print run, instead of being the usual 60,000, will be 50 times that—3 million copies, and in 16 languages. I don’t suppose the murderers anticipated that their thuggery would revive and popularize a financially ailing publication.

Curiously, the cover drawing came from an article in the newspaper USA Today which, like many publications cowed by fear of Muslim wrath, notes this:

USA TODAY traditionally does not show images of Mohammed to avoid offending Muslim readers. But the magazine cover has enough news value to warrant its publication in this case.

Yeah, right. The Danish Jyllands-Posten cartoons or the Charlie Hebdo covers that prompted the murders didn’t…

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4 thoughts on “The new Charlie Hebdo cover: what does it mean?

  1. We live in a free country and part of living in a free society is that you are going to end up offending somebody. There is just no justification for those nut cases in France, and that thing of the cartoon of Mohammed saying “everything is forgiven”….that really pisses me off. If I had a family member or friend dead because of these cowards, that is what they are cowards, they go firing into un armed civilians, I would actually not only not forgive them but shoot each of them in the pinky finger and then work my way up to the head. They are less than animals, not even animals do that. They disserve no mercy. Just hope the U.S drone their asses.

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