Identity Crisis in India

You ever felt like you had an identity crisis? Well I really felt that when I had to explain someone all about the caste system in India. Indeed it’s sad that we have a very confusing caste system but trust me you won’t find any other country with population consisting of Hindu’s, Muslim’s, Christian’s, Jain’s, Zoroastrians, Jews, Sikh, Portuguese etc. living together without bitching much about each other. India is a land of cultural and ethnic diversity and that is what makes me so proud of my country.

26 Questions People From India Are Sick Of Answering

So you’re thinking of a trip to India, the land of myth and foible. You’re doing your research through chat rooms and forums. I suggest you not to…. No book, no chat forum and no website can tell you exactly what India is. It is a land of magic where new things happen every now and then. Majority of foreigners consider India as a poor country. Well, dude, with more than 1.1 Billion Indians living in an area roughly 1/3 the size of the USA, it’s undeniable you will see poverty more pronounced but that does not make our country a poor one.

There are some amazing myths about India which really makes me go bonkers 😀

 If you have to see one thing in India, go for Taj mahal

Like really??? R u serious?? Though it is the seventh wonder of world for whatsoever the reason may be it is definitely not the only thing to see here. No offense to Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, but there is dozens of sites in India that are guaranteed to mesmerize. If Mughal architecture is your thing, then definitely make the somehow-always unpleasant journey to Agra. Otherwise, Udaipur, Ranakpur or even Munnar should be the highlight of your journey.

 You tell a restaurant to make less spice food and they will

This sometimes make me LOL coz they really don’t and they would just say yes to satisfy your mind. If you don’t like spicy food, you’re making a bold choice by even showing up in India. You can always ask for milder food, but failing that you can temper your food with dahi (curd) and lots of tea.

 Rajasthan is a must-see state of India

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! there’s something for everyone in India. If you enjoy lakes, palaces and sweet food, Rajasthan may be your best bet. If you want a big city, undisturbed jungle or snow-capped peaks, it might be worth skipping Rajasthan, especially if you’re pressed for time.

 A road trip in India

Is really no fun. Haha… Do not rent a car here unless you already have extensive experience with the road conditions.

India is one of the dwindling countries where you can still travel in budget style. Lonely Planet listed India as one of it’s best value destinations for 2010. But…………….. Do research properly and just don’t believe everything you read 😉

 Ok now that I spoke too much for India let me speak few things I really hate about this country:

  •  Staring at foreigners
  • Hypocrisy between religion and life
  • Everything is a headache around
  • No sense of pride for historical monument
  • Indian Standard Time = Not on time
  • Making fun of everyone everywhere
  • No sense of individual property

And then there are some question which WE, Indians are tired of answering

  •  What caste are you? (I am venus)
  • How come your English is so good (well I belong to the second largest English speaking population of world)
  • You speak hindu? ( well can you like pronounce it properly, HINDI, I speak muslim and Christian too)
  • Would you ride on an elephant to your wedding (no I might come on a lion)
  • Is Diwali your Christmas (well if you insist)
  • How come India is in Asia but you aren’t Asian (well we are south Asian and that come sin Asians )
  • You eat spice food (Ya, all my taste buds were singed off at birth so now I can’t taste food unless it’s doused in hot sauce. So glad someone understands.)
  • You actually pray to cow (well yes, basic bitches)



21 thoughts on “Identity Crisis in India

  1. Zee is right by the way.

    So, I can go and tell the barman to put less spicy food and his will obliged….that is great for the stomach ! Spicy I mean, it is great, you never have stomach problems with such food. Soooo good.

    Forgot, can I jump over an elephant while he crossed the road or is that prohibited?

    And I can really stop in the middle of the road and get not on one knee but on two knees to pray for each cow that passes my way. Good.

    And…..o.k we will stop now. 😉 don´t get too angry, love youuu, like the cow goes meuuuu.

      1. It´s 8:30 a.m here, I just woke up and your depressing me, look! see my tear coming out…..but hold it, I´m a cold person so that tear has just turned to ice and now I have it in my hand and about to throw it your way to India so it melts over you…..

        That came out quite nice by the way

      2. Good, because the post you posted today I was about to go back to bed.

        See? You know what I´m going to do with you….instead of yoga, just wake up, look in the mirror and laugh at yourself first and then at others(but not in a bad way)

        Makes life a bit less stress free, plus taking yourself or the people around you too seriously doesn´t make you any good.

        And if all that fails, then I´ll go over there, steal you, have a wild run with you around Europe, and then you will return to you country with a big fat smile on your face

  2. Wow…
    I just love the way you have put it, all sarcastic; but you have nailed it right..!!
    An answer to so many unanswered questions..!!
    he he 🙂 it was beautiful 🙂

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