So finally i am back and also the book is here

4 months, omg such a long time to be away from the blog. So many things happened and so many new adventured in life which i would be posting slowly and gradually. Made new friends, reunited with old ones, found new things to live for and the list continues. The most important of all is the launch of my second book – CHORDS OF LIFE (Symphony of the Darkness).


And it gives me great pleasure to share the book with all of you. Do give it a read 🙂

Chords of Life is a collection of strange, morbid, unusual tales of my mind. Our life is like Chords of a Guitar each filled with different emotions at every stage. We may not face the same level of harshness as others, but we do know the bitter truth about cruelty. Each story is crafted with a different emotion within itself.
Here are the details.

Other links –

Let me know how you like it on kruti, 🙂

Love you all


18 thoughts on “So finally i am back and also the book is here

    1. OMG…that is so amazing 🙂 Please send me a picture f you with the book and some comments. I would like to post it on my page 🙂 And also i would wait for your reviews later on…. Unfortunately it wont be autographed 😦 😦 I can send my autograph scanned in email 😉

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