My Almost Lover

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My Almost Lover

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To my almost lover,

Admittedly, I am very angry right now. In fact, I’m so angry that I have pins and needles in my face and my hands are shaking. But either way, the realisation I’ve had today is amazing.

Today I realised that I don’t need you. I know that’s going to hurt, but it’s a very uplifting feeling for me to have after feeling so down and low over the past month. I don’t need the monster you’ve become.

As you know, I have never thought much of myself. I have never been one to believe in myself and think that I was worth anything. But, through all this shit, I have now realised what a good person I am, what I deserve and what exactly what I do need in my life.

The sad news is, it’s not you. You say you…

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4 thoughts on “My Almost Lover

  1. An awesome way to let go…always believe in yourself, that you are worth even more than your weight in diamonds and pearls. Your value can only be underestimated by yourself if you settle for less in life for yourself. Have a beautiful day K, and always remember God made you to be special…so you really are! Hugs and blessings!

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