And you failed!



5 thoughts on “And you failed!

  1. you know I used to claim that loving myself and knowing my own worth is enough to have a solid self esteem and that I don’t need anybody else to confirm my value by apprciating my existence, well it’s partly true, we do need to be selfconfident to build a strong personality but comon it’s a part of our human nature to feel each other’s existence, help each other grow and glow spiritually. Actually if you take things a bitphilosophically imagining if it was the “norm” to be independant in all terms than we wouldn’t have been created together in one place, because whoever has created the human being and all this universe could be also able to creat each human in his own world but he didn’t, so yes it is meant to be for us to depend on each other physically and emotionally!
    (I know it’s a complicated analysis for a simple quote, but that’s another way to say I do not feel ashame saying I need other’s opinion to feel MORE happy about myself 😀 )

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