14 thoughts on “What is love?

    1. Had to comment Rebecca, you know I had too. You are a mean mean woman! Children are lovely but you got this right, I actually agree with you…lovely from afar. You know the freaking responsibility is to have a kid, no sleep, breast feeding the thing every 2-4 hours, I can go on. It´s more like torture if you ask me. You´re self torturing youself, women that is.

      Now, about love and kids, love comes in many ways towards different people and a kid should not make you realise what true love is, if that is the case you are pretty much in some dire straight since it means that you really haven´t felt that feeling of love towards people like mom, dad, brother,sister, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, those are different types of love for each of them and the love of a kid of your own kid it seems to me or for what I have gathered from my own family is that it is uncoditional, they don´t expect anything from me, obviously I love my family and do my best to make them happy but I´m an imperfect human in an imperfect world, but that love of my mother towards me….she didn´t have me just to feel love, she wanted to have a kid love him, and then when the time came let that kid, a.k.a ME be his own person, not to follow their footsteps or to have a great job and be rich. My mother always said I just want you to be happy doing whatever you want to do. That is love for your kid. I´m probably talking here not only to you.

      1. So you got this message then? I thought I hit reply to the comment of the other person……gotta run, food is on the table now and you know that if I don´t get there my food will be gone in a second by some strange hand entering my plate. Love you.

  1. Awesome message! Love is also knowing what is alive within oneself is priceless and so worthwhile, a real treasure to share with others. What is inside was given to us by God, his blessing of love…so you know it’s really special, because it completes you and make you able to complete another. I always love your mind my sister!

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