5 thoughts on “Lift your mood high

  1. I counted 14 little things that makes you improve your mood. I´ll try to match that number.
    1-getting out of bed with no headache
    2-getting out of bed with no stomach pain
    3-getting out of bed early in the morning to feed the dogs
    4-see the sun rising while I sit in the balcony with a cup of tea
    5-smoking my cigarette with that cup of tea
    6-watch the dogs come up from eating waging their tails and saliva all over their faces
    7- see a good morning text from a person in the internet
    8-read as many blogs as I can,it´s my free university online
    9-write as much as I can for myself and not only to post it online
    10-eat a good home made meal, prepared by me
    11-hearing the cheerful voice of a girl with some strange english accent once in a while
    12-read “The Chambers” by John Grisham
    13-watch some history documentary after eating my meal and rest for an hour or two
    14-play with my two beast(dogs) and do manual labour in the garden
    15-Listen to Justin Bieber at night before I go to sleep and cry with his lyrics

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