The Laws of Attraction

As a society, we are visually taught what “beautiful” is. Whether it be muscles and high cheek bones, or a perfect rack and a great set of glutes, pop-culture dictates our thinking.

But, does it really matter? Do looks really matter? I know we all think they do. Do they matter to us; or to others? I have this working theory, that looks in a partner only matter to us because we choose to value ourselves based on the scale of what others think about us. As pure as I try to be, I still don’t want someone saying I’m the guy with the ugly girlfriend.

When you’re at a bar, and someone gorgeous starts talking to you, you are more inclined to stay and chat even if they seem mentally-challenged, because he/she looks good. However, if someone who is lets say 5ft tall and 300lb of everything not muscle related decides to join you, you would probably blow him/her off; even if that person was the smartest and funniest person you’ve ever met in your life.

Let’s reverse the roles for a minute. You meet someone online, on a chat room or forum. You have no idea what this person looks like. What if this person is damn near perfect. Intelligent, hilarious, challenging in all the right ways; someone who you can’t wait to wake up to just to chat. And, one day, you meet this person and he/she is not up to your physical “standards.” Does everything you have and experienced just get thrown away? Do you encourage the person to change? Or are you accepting of who the are because of how they make you feel? After all, as we get older out looks fade anyways.

Today, there is no silver lining from me, just a post to leave you pondering. I would love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “The Laws of Attraction

  1. In a friend looks mean nothing. Whatever shape and size they are, as long as we share the same humour and perhaps outlook on life we remain friends.But, I think when it comes to choosing a mate, both sexes look for the one that will produce the best children. It might be an unconscious choice and it might be based on the wrong reasons ie. The best looking child instead of the brainiest or the healthiest, but I think we all do it. I adored Katie Hepburn when I was young ( still do, but alive preferably) and I think I looked for her in a mate. We all develop an idea of perfection.

  2. I have to disagree with the comment by davidprosser about producing well looking kids. Looks are always important, we are humans. I still yet to see a magazine named “Ugly people” and have a bunch of followers that would like to be like them. But if you want to have a child you should be selfless, you want that kid, however he comes out ugly, beautiful,smart,dumb, whatever, for that kid to be happy, to choose his own path, be his own person in life. And not what you as a parent would like that child to be. That´s the best parenting advice my mother gave me. “The only thing I wanted was for you to find your own way, not follow or compare yourself to us” Something to that effect she once told me.

    About chatting with this internet girl and then you realise she´s ugly, I guess that would make a difference, or maybe not, it all depends on how much and in which way you love that person. But honestly, we all want as males, maybe not a model but at least not a turd. Yet again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Forgot.

    The last paragraph about we all as males want to be with a good looking girl, well it cuts both ways. I don´t see a nice looking woman with a turd of a guy very often.

    1. Unfortunately looks seem to be the driving factor, and divorce rates have never been higher. Maybe people should start to look deeper

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