I´m in charge now!

Hi everyone, as of today and just today as far as I know I´ll be managing this beautiful blog. My name is Charly Priest, sounds strange? Well it is. I´m not sure if Kruti made a wise choice of giving me immunity to write in this blog. But as the saying goes, I cross culture by talking and laughing at myself and everyone around me. In a healthy way that is. Or maybe I just made up that saying. The owner and brilliant talented writer is editing her next book, so I got the call to manage this blog.( I love how this sounds, makes me feel important) At least for today, maybe get fired tomorrow. Although that would be quite strange to get fired to do something without getting paid. I should ask the owner of this blog to pay me. What do you think? Or not, she can be a bit scary if she gets mad. I´m sitting here looking through the different categories she has and how neatly organised she has everything. Which is getting me  depressed when I compare it to how I managed my own blog. So one of the categories it says friendship. So I figured I´d just write a little poem about friendship. Since my writing is completely the opposite to hers, I´ll try to keep up with the overall theme of the blog in my unique way, can´t write any other way.   good friend


it´s a relationship
like a ship,
that is humans right


what do you like?
I say a lot of might
just to try to be right
in the world of
just like a ship,
we covered that, you clown!

but for all of us
it´s with in us
to love, our fellow us
to better all of us.

Healthy friendships and relationships
we´ll make a much better world
to let cross culture talks become acitionships.



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