Dating Rant: When you Know, you Know

50 Shades Of Cray

Most individuals maintain at least one level of commonality; we all desire to be happy. From a young age, we begin to learn what it is that excites us, or can keep us level-headed. Perhaps, a sport or a hobby; maybe even music or some other art form. But what about people; when do we learn what type of person we want in our life? Our parents may try to set us up with someone great, and in some cultures arranged marriages are all the rave. Do we trust these setups? Our parents are generally wise beyond us, but does that qualify them to quantify our wants and needs? Sure, the gorgeous nurse who loves puppies and cooks like a Hell’s Kitchen finalist appears like a perfect match for me. After a few dates with her, however, there was something missing….a “wow” factor I guess. (Good try mom)

In the…

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6 thoughts on “Dating Rant: When you Know, you Know

  1. “Parent can only good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person´s character lies in their own hands.” And hence the decisions they will take in life. I din´t say that quote, It´s Anne Frank, still I´m amazed at how a young girl would have such a brain such an insight on human beings and life in general.

      1. Very much!! Bt its not my written post i just reblogged coz it made sense 🙂 🙂 so divert the comments on the original writers page and yes u r very brainy 🙂

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