My Automated Retail Fantasy

“A kick of joy” would be its name


There would be people who, when asked this question would reply with one answer – “money”, please think about this. It’s a vending machine. You put something *in it* to get something out, right? So if you get “money” out of the thing…what on earth would you have to put *IN* it?? A kidney? A freshly beating human heart? Probably a “Eye” Lol no!!

So I’m not going to say “free money” because that is just UN-original and besides the point. ^_^

So… My machine can have 5 buttons. Press it and the thing comes out or just appears magically!!!

–Freshly made Toblerone
–Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
–Pit Bull (Not the dog silly)
–A bottle of Jagermeister
— A Jacuzzi home theater
With that I could survive indefinitely, never leave the house. ^_^

Or, if that’s too mundane….replace Pit Bull with a dog pit bull, or Friends With Benefits Who Do Dishes. ^_~
vending machine


7 thoughts on “My Automated Retail Fantasy

  1. If anyone wants to put in a button for an Ancient friend with benefits who does dishes, scream for me will you. Make sure you’re loud in case my hearing starts going would you?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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