Offensive Jokes or Sensitive People

This is so true

50 Shades Of Cray

As an aspiring comic, I am recurrently asked to entertain colleagues and friends alike with my new “material.” Recently, one of my stories received mixed emotional responses. Although the usual laughter was still present there were a select number of individuals who did not find that brand of humor …. humorous. One brave woman even stood up and lofted a “compliment” my way. She publicly referred to me as a “chauvinistic pig.”  Now, combine my comedic wit with a beyond healthy supply of 18 year old single malt and you shall receive a come-back that will not be forgotten easily, and not-so-fortuitously for me…she hasn’t.

Believe it or not,  I have offended many a man with my comedy….and even more women. However, when is the joke offensive? And, when is someone being oversensitive? I have the answer for you. If you are one of the individuals who surmise that since…

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