Mirror of illusions break
The fallen pieces of glass
She is blind


10 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Your sadness could be picked up by the wrong type of people, in the wrong way! Men on the prowl might pick it up as a weakness! Be careful if you go out when sad! Meditate on the things which bring you joy…so you might have peace within.
    Sending a blanket full of prayers your way!

  2. If youΒ΄re going to dress up sexy the sadder you are, can you be miserable the whole day for a lot of days please.

    It was a deep beautiful haiku, but I still have that image of you in my head…. πŸ™‚

    Cheer up! And stay up!

  3. We all have a right to be sad. It’s a way of coping. I would hope we do sadness with confidence. The right to be sad.

    I’ll bet you look great when you dress up to go out. Happy or Sad
    Hugs and

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