LOVE (Poetry by Wendell)

Thank you Wendell for dedicating this beautiful poem 🙂

Take it from me when one truly
loves you they will put you first
before all others, and you will be
happy to spend all of your time
with them…that’s the way love is! -Wendell


Do not fret this morning
for a genuine love will
come your way

Do not be hasty to choose
another, for like the other
he might run away

For you are the treasure
that most do seek which
might surely grace their lives

You are the priceless jewel
that many men seek to stay
so very close by their side

For one will come into your
life, who will selflessly share
his heart and time

Proving in special ways
each and every day you are
the only one he needs to be
with for endless lifetimes.



10 thoughts on “LOVE (Poetry by Wendell)

  1. Thanks K, after that sad dream, i am glad i could bring a smile to your face my sister, whenever sadness parks itself near in my life, i begin to count all the reasons to be happy…and it leads me to a blooming smiles. Have a beautiful day my sister!

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